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Vitamin and mineral levels

Vitamin D 6.6 (<25 severe - pharmacological preparations may be needed) I am currently receiving weekly loading doses of vitamin D, started in December 2017

Ferritin 22 (15 - 150) iron anaemia found in 2013 because of heavy periods. Not on any iron because GP said I would be at risk of developing iron overload if I took any

Folate 2.3 (2.5 - 19.5) prescribed folic acid in November 2016

Vitamin B12 214 (190 - 900) I have pernicious anaemia and receiving 3-monthly injections for this since my B12 was considered ok-ish.

Thoughts welcome. Thanks!

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What reason did GP give for saying you would be at risk of iron overload? Did GP do full iron panel?

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Reposting to explain


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