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Ongoing Saga for Increase in Levothyroxine

4 January 2018

TSH 0.04 (0.30- 4.20)

FT4 21.7 (12.0 - 22.0)

FT3 4.5 (3.1 - 6.8)

Serum B12 557 (180 - 640)

Serum Folate 5.9 (3.0 - 20.0)

All normal - no action.

Hi peoples,

Have just got these results and could take the 'no action' two ways. Yes my doctor won't mind increasing my Levo to 100mcg if I say pretty please. Or no your levels need no action therefore you were just fine on 75mcg and that's all I'm giving you. What is worrying is that my folate has dropped from 17.1 June'17 to now 5.9. (3.0 - 20.0). Should I supplement? With or without doctors knowledge? I'm rapidly getting to the point where I don't care what the doctor says. My respect and trust are borderline zero! ;)

I shall put in an online request for my 100mcg after writing this ..... to be continued.

Thank you all - for being the rocks you are, much appreciated.

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TSH is suppressed and FT4 top of the range so you appear to be optimally dosed on 75mcg and I think it is unlikely your GP will accede to a request for 100mcg. Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a few months so if you've not been taking Levothyroxine for long you should expect further improvement.

B12 557 is good and >500 is very unlikely to be deficient.

Folate 5.9 is within range. Eating leafy green veg will raise folate or you could supplement with a B Complex vitamin to raise folate.


Thank you for your reply Clutter,

I shall make a point of having more spinach and other leafy greens. Don't like taking tablets unless I really have to. I rattle a bit already. :)


Hi I hope the links below helps you as much as they did me..at age 61..hashies for 28 years, due to a serious bout of Ross River Virus & Glandular at the time & depleted adrenals raising 2 sons at the time, led to Hashimotoes.

2 endure visits in that time, same doctor & naturopath both support me. theres been no side effects with herbs, are tga listed & minerals are essential.6 monthly blood tests .

just be careful in increasing t4 as you may not be converting t4 to t3? you still need t4 as it may convert to other hormones too?

I've tried taking more t4 just makes me over active & moody, depressed.no two bodies are the same...trialing & reading your own body, is the only way.

my t4 blood readings are normal now & they say excess is bad heart & for bone issues, so i stay on 75 mcg t4 thyroxine & but, tests show i don't convert enough t4 to the more active t3 , so, I've actually showed my doctor my research & requested he write me a script for compounded t3...to take 2.5mcg T3. I find its best to stay low & seems to balance the hormones more nicely.

Doses: 75 mcg half an hour before breakfast...& i usually convert to t 3, until 1.pm daily, then i take the t3, which lasts for up to 10 hours..taking at bedtime is too stimulating.

I've also tried 2 mcgs of Naltrexone, which makes me feel to dopey .also google via Dr. Isabella Wentz as she really knows about Hashimotoes & Thyroid issues , has had it for years.

Ive also just changed my Levo Thyroxine t4 to Eltroxin , is without gluten & lactose, can store out of the fridge & still not in a hot place either..common sense on that one. is also great for travel.

I am also also aware that up to 50 mcg Levo Thyroxine is free of lactose & Gluten binders...they say those binders can delay or stop t4 to coverting t 3 , which is why they make that version too now.

My doctor also does me a script for 10% compounded Progesterone cream that i rub into my upper arms and thyroid on retiring to bed each night. this also helps thyroid conversion.

its really worth finding & trying Your Naturopath or just trusting the links below will guide you to the important minerals & vitamins & a lifetime management program..that is if you want to get well. It doesn't happen overnight & can take months for hormones to balance out..patience, exercise in any form all helps. i joined a gym years ago, make myself do a special resistance training class every week, low aerobics. my JOINTS ACHE all over but, i plough through it all & feel so much better when i stay active.

Stay healthy, no alcohol, gluten, sugar , believe me its mind over matter, even adding almond & coconut milk, its a great feeling being in control of what you eat , go the grain fed meats, once to twice a week, organic eggs, Quinoa, there so many yummy healthy fun foods out there...& how you take control of managing Hashimotoes...its dedication OR STAY uninformed & miserable. Trust me its worth the plunge. i was so sick when i was first diagnosed after 6 months of the other illnesses, had a small goitre...low in iodine, but, i am my full thyroid tests are always done, including Iodine, Vitamin D, Selenium,Zinc, need it c...your thyroid needs every bit of it...blood tests are the key...

no soy of any kind..as it blocks t4 conversion. theres other google sites that can help you to understand which foods to avoid, but, i still eat them are okay if cooked well as it boils away the goitrogens that effect hormones. its all become quite a learning curb which i feel quite proud of as I've come to terms with realising how precious my own life is & on how i want to feel well.

By the way, gut issues, bloated gut, constipation is common in Hashi...low Acid..take a product called Multigest Enzymes stocked by Bioceuticals..and blood tests to see if your carrying high antibodies for Plori Bacteria...high means its very active....Sandra Cabot has a Product with Oragano oil , Bioceuticals has Intestamine, which has a bit of healing slippery elm to heal the gut lining, assist with stool elimination, Mastic gum, which gets into the lower parts of the gut lining, organic cold pressed Coconut oil , but, a dose of antibiotics is required at first & then proceed with these products. you need to take probiotics for life & theres one called Candex plus...has some of the best strains ...just keep googling on the best strains for controlling gut & Plori bacterias.

They say people that are Starting out with a positive attitude is important... the rest will follow and that people that are balanced & monitored regularly on Thyroid medications can live very healthy & very long lives regardless of the minor ups & downs we go through.

Staying healthy is a positive plan for life.

Good Luck to everyone.

Therese N








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