Ive just picked up my results after a battle with the surgery, please can someone advise as got a follow up appointment on Tuesday and want

to know if I need to bullet point any, many thanks x

B12 382 ng/L (200-900)

normal - no action

Serum FreeT3 4.2 (3.5-6.5)

Normal no action

Ideally aim to normalise serum TSH in uncomplicated primary hypothyroidism

Serum FreeT4 19.3 (9-24)

Normal - no action

Serum TSH 0.27 (0.35-5.0)

stay on current dose and repeat 6 month (100mcg levothyroxine)

Serum folate 12.7 (4-26)

Normal - no action

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B12 may be within range but it could be higher. My consultant wanted mine at the top end of the range rather than the bottom end. I have B12 injections every 8 weeks and it does help with some of the symptoms that come with being Hypo.


Thanks for advice and quick response Jill - I will bullet point that one :-)


I would supplement with methylcobalamin B12 as you are on the lower level. You can purchase either tablets, lozenges or sublinguall from . It has to be methyl not cyanocobalami. You should aim to get towards the top of the range.


Your results look fine but the question should be 'how do you fee'l. If not too good you could ask if GP could add T3. Also It maybe that levo doesn't suit you.


Thanks Shaws - how do I feel..............rubbish to be honest. I do actually think levo or the dosage is not right, thats why I had bloods, been on same dose since diagnosed 13 years ago. Thanks for advice on lozenges etc will look into the link thanks. I would love to ask for T3 as it seems to work well for the people that are on it, but with the lack of supplies, might not be a goer.....


I was always unwell on levo and had more symptoms than before diagnoses. I am well now but had to go out of the NHS and tried alternatives and have settled on one now.. It is awful feeling unwell day after day but for you still not to feel well after thirteen years says it all.


I wasnt too bad at the beginning being on levo but really the last 2-3 years felt awfully fatigued sleep during the day, headaches, blurry eyes puffiness jekyl and hyde!! Can I ask what made you feel better, are you on armour or T3?


T3 alone made me feel so much better but I still had insomnia. I tried a couple of NDT's but the one that suited me most was Nature-throid and haven't looked back since. I take T3 and Nature-throid.


Thanks Shaws

one more question re supplement of B12 - i take a seven seas multi vit energy release (haha!!) which has 2mg RDA 143% is that enough?


Multi-vitamins don't have the quantity that single vitamin supplements do. B12 and Vit D are the most important and your GP should do Vit D as well.

The only Vit B12 you should buy is methylcobalamin and you cannot overdose on B12 as it is excreted through urine.

It is a most important vitamin and I doubt GP's know its true value.



I would recommed Jarrow formula methylcobalamin 5000!!! that will def get your levels up. it did mine.



Another B12 option is a spray, I get one from Holland and Barrett but probably able to get it cheaper over the internet (nice sometimes to get something easily from high street instead of waiting for post!).


It was recommended to me by someone in a Pernicious Anemia forum and it tastes nice :-)


Although 'in range' I would say that your FT3 is way too low. It isn't even mid-range when most people need it to be up the top of the range to feel well. Your FT4 has room for manoeuvre too, although it's higher than the T3. Possible you have a little convertion problem. Have you tried asking for T3? It might help you feel better.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks Grey - I have not asked for T3 before, so will try on Tuesday at my follow up - a conversion issue might make sence with all the horrible hypo feelings still at the moment. What is a good range that I should be looking at for both. I dont really understand the TSH as this is not in the range - is that a problem?


TSH below range is not a problem - although so many ignorant doctors think it is. TSH is a pituitary hormone, not a thyroid hormone. The important ones are the actual thyroid hormones T4 and T3.

Most people find they need their FT4 and FT3 up near the top of the range to feel good. But that is what is important, feeling good, not the numbers. My FT3, for example, is way way above the range, but that's where I need it and I in no way feel hyper. We're all individiuals with individual 'sweet spots', and that's what we need to aim for, our 'sweet spot', where the symptoms are gone and we feel good.


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