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Vitamin and mineral results

Ferritin 28 (15 - 150) asking GP for haematology referral since ferritin level has dropped and complete blood count shows anaemia

Folate 2.6 (2.5 - 19.5) taking folic acid 5mg every day

Vitamin B12 208 (190 - 900) taking B12 injections once every 3 months

Vitamin D 33.5 (25 - 50 vitamin D deficiency supplementation is indicated) taking 800iu D3.

Is above adequate or do I need more? Thank you

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Was vitamin D below 30nmol when diagnosed because if so you should have been given loading doses by GP and then adequate maintenance dose which is likely more than 800iu. You need to aim for a level around 100nmol or mid-range for sufficiency. 800iu of vitamin D won't help a deficient mouse let alone someone with levels below 30. Are you in the UK? If so there are guidelines your GP must follow

You need to take magnesium and K2-MK7 with vitamin D3 in order to absorb the vitamin D effectively. Magnesium citrate is ok but there are other choices for magnesium.

B12 still looks terribly low. What has your GP said about it? I advise you to post your B12 and folate results along with an outline of your thyroid condition and symptoms, low ferritin etc on the HealthUnlocked Pernicious Anaemia forum and ask their advice.

B12 symptoms of deficiency

B12 The Guidelines Doctors follow

Has your GP advised you to take a good B complex to keep all the B's in balance?

Ferritin needs to be at least 70 or mid-range for thyroid hormone to function properly so you're being referred to haematology so you should get whatever you require.

The importance of vitamins and thyroid function


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Hi my vitamin D when diagnosed was below 30. I am in the UK. I haven't been advised to take a B complex. GP hasn't mentioned anything about the folate and B12 but I am going back to speak to him next week about this.

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Good idea if you can get advice from Healthunlocked Pernicious Anaemia forum first before visiting doctor. They are the experts on B vitamins.

As for the vitamin D, point out your results were under 30 when diagnosed and NICE guidlines recommend loading doses which you were not given but would like now since you didn't get the right treatment in the first place and your levels are still so low. Retest vitamin D in 3 months time after starting higher supplements.

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link to PAS forum

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