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Anyone use MSM supplements?

A recent thyroid book I read suggested that it was a supplement worth considering.

“The complete thyroid health and diet guide”

They also recommend taurine, calcium d-glucarate and milk thistle.

All the other items on their lists I know more about and these are recommended more widely.

Any feedback on any of the above is of


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There are various articles out there suggesting links to t3 conversion and gut health. It has got my attention.


Hi Daniel, When I first of MSM I was advised it worked for about half the people and that is the thing about supplements. It seems that methylation and sulfation are necessary components but I can't explain it. If either are problematic it may interfere with nutrients. That's why it becomes trial and error. Milk thistle or silymarin is good for the liver as is alpha lipoic acid. Our livers do a lot of work for us and take the brunt of most toxins so we need supplements that help with detox.

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Milk thistle is for the liver I take it because I have no gallbladder and it aids the liver, which already has a powerful job to do anyway. The others I have no idea, sorry.


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