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Advice sought on test results

Hello everyone,

This is my first post, although I have been on here for a few weeks, reading and doing my best to learn. I am hoping that someone can help me with some suggested actions following the test results below. My background is one of adrenal insufficiency (with highs and lows of cortisol) since 2014. In the past few months I’ve been having a variety of problems and new symptoms – extreme fatigue, increased anxiety and panic attacks, plantar fasciitis, weight gain and abnormal PV bleeding. I’ve just been diagnosed with a fibroid.

I did the thyroid check plus with Medichecks and, separately, persuaded my GP to run some tests, including the vitamins listed below. She also did a full blood count, some hormones, renal profile and liver function tests – I can post those further results if they would be pertinent, my GP said they were all ‘normal’.

TSH: 2.63 [range: 0.27-4.20]

FT4: 18.5 [range: 12.00-22.00]

TT4: 93.5 [range: 59.99-154.00]

FT3: 4.98 [range: 3.10-6.80]

Thyroglobulin antibodies: <10 [range: 0.00-115.00]

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies: 13.4 [range: 0.00-34.00]

Vitamin D: 107 [range: 50.00-174:00]

Folate: 10.3 [range: >3.0]

B12: 373 [range: 180.00-999.00]

Ferritin: 14 [range: 13.00-150.00]

Currently my cortisol is high, and my DHEA: cortisol ratio is low 0.04 [range: 0.05-0.32]. The results from Genova Diagnostics state that a low DHEA:cortisol ratio is “generally associated with chronic stress and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal imbalances”.

My thoughts so far are that my thyroid symptoms may be secondary to my longer-running adrenal problems, but that everything seems to be interconnected and I have a horrible feeling of being in downward spiral to ever greater symptoms. My GP has told me that all results are normal, as far as she is concerned. But as I see it my ferritin is only just in range and my B12 could probably do with being higher.

Any input or further suggestions as to interpretation would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,


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Ferritin looks low. B12 may be fine for you, it depends on whether you have symptoms of B12 deficiency. Thyroid hormones look normal if you're not on thyroid medication.


Thank you, Nanaedake. I'm not on any thyroid medication. I will look into symptoms of B12 deficiency


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