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thyroid cancer

about a year ago I had thyroidectomy I had the entire thyroid removed. they did not take any lymph nodes. After the surgery they did tell me that it had been papilary cancer. For several reasons I did not have radiation ablation done. Now my endocrinologist sent me for an ultrasound and found an enlarged lymph node. so now I have to have another biopsy done. I am hoping it is nothing as I don't want another neck surgery, also if it is a spread of the cancer, what are the chances it spread elsewhere ?

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I'm sorry you are going through such a worrying time after already having had the worry of thyroid cancer diagnosis.

I was told that even if papillary cancer spreads to lymph nodes the prognosis is good so it sounded quite positive to me. Papillary thyroid cancer is generally indolent (slow growing) not aggressive. It's good that your oncologist is investigating and hopefully it will be negative for cancer but even so, I don't think you should worry unduly, as you know, thyroid cancer is very treatable.

Wishing you all the best and let us know how it goes.


Hello Arwenmark, I too am sorry about this unknowing is happening. I had an additional thought : I do not know anything about this kind of cancer but what you can do no matter for forever is use nutrition to your advantage. Remember to always keep your blood sugar at a lower normal as cancer likes sugar & help support your adrenals with vitamin C rich foods such as citrus chestnuts red pepper to name a few & you could also invest in a good liposomal supplement as well.

Food is medicine 🍊🥦🥕🍒🍎🍋🥒🥑🍆🍌❤️😊


It's probably nothing to worry about I had a 4cm Goiter but only 1/5th of it contained cancer.

It was two years ago but I have not had an ultrasound since. Usually if you don't have any other treatment it mean that your cancer was too small to worry about.

Why did the Endo send you for an ultrasound this time around?


I had just starting seeing her, had a different one when I had the original surgery. I think since it had been over a year since the surgery and since I did not have the ablation that she just wanted to check that everything looked okay in there.


I had my thyroid removed about eight months before you and had the same cancer also the same treatment but no longer see anyone other than my docotors, whom never read my notes correctly. Sounds like you are receiving good advice and treatment wish you well and hope you have a good christmas without worrying too much, easier said than done! But there are people here that totally understand how you feel and are thinking about you.


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