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Cancer lymph node at base of thyroid

Long story short - breast cancer recurrence. Multiple types of lymph nodes in numerous areas are cancer (PET CT scan proven).

One large lymph node with cancer is at the base of my thyroid. And with Hashimoto's and no nodules in the thyroid at all, the only way to PROVE this is not thyroid cancer is via biopsy of closest lymph nodes to thyroid. One doctor has declined to take a biopsy, referring to another who will be in the area after January 1st.

I am hoping the breast cancer hormone chemo cocktail I am on for the last week will work on all the cancer - that there is not thyroid cancer TOO.

I am also hoping the other lymph nodes in the thyroid area can be biopsied instead. It is just too sketchy and scary.

Anyone with similar experience. Two cancers at once? Thyroid area biopsied?

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I am very sorry to read that you have had cancer diagnosed which is scary in itself.

I have no knowledge but quite a few members have had thyroid cancer and will respond when they read your post

I'm am hopeful your cancer treatment will also deal with both types and wish you a speedy recovery whatever form of treatment you get.


Thank you - another doctor has stepped up to do the biopsy on Dec. 7. I am quite nervous. Very tricky tight spot even for a highly accredited, award winning radiology - vascular surgeon. He read the CT scan which gives closer detail and agrees, to be sure this is not thyroid primary instead of the br ca primary I already have, this needs to be checked.

I am concerned to lose my voice. Already cannot eat or sing. Talking is rough now.


sorry to hear u r so poorly and I wish 🌠 u well and hope ur treatment sorts both cancer's out.

tale care and lots of huggs XXX


i am sorry that you suffering but once you know what is going on with the neck, the course of action will be straight forward. I had thyroid cancers so no thyroid now but had no problems with voice since. It has been almost exactly a year since my diagnosis and i lead a normal enough life. Try to manage your stress now and once you know what is going on you can begin to deal with it whatever is needed.


Once I researched the two specialists and chose the one my oncologist had first chosen for me - stress plummeted. Back to feeling relieved. Helps that there is a month before the biopsy which gives time to tell if the breast cancer cocktail is working on that node at base of thyroid.

Whether this node and ones surrounding is primary breast cancer or proves to be primary thyroid cancer - I have not been able to eat without coughing or choking, sing, barely speak for so long. Too many opportunities for a correct diagnosis and though I pushed through still the doctors missed the boat. But I am improving in some ways with nine days on the cocktail.


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