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Is it OK to take B vitamins and D3 at same time?

Morning everyone

I’m so sorry to ask this basic question but I’ve searched the site to try to find the answer.

I take levo at bedtime. I’ve been taking B12, a B complex, D3, K2 and selenium with breakfast. (It makes it easier to get some iron and vitamin C in later in the day, as I know they need to be 2 hours away from other supplements, and then magnesium in the early evening, four hours away from levo.)

I just wanted to check that it’s OK taking the D3 and B’s at the same time?

Many thanks in advance.

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However if you don't eat a decent amount of fat at breakfast then there is little point taking the vitamin D3 then.


Thank you very much!

Good advice re the fat- I shall stir a teaspoonful of coconut oil into my morning cuppa and usually have something made with lots of nuts (a non-grain bread made with cashew nuts or a grain free granola made with nuts and seeds) for breakfast so hopefully that’s enough fat. My D3 (Dr’s Best) is oil based too.

Thanks again- really appreciate the clarification.


Hi Kipsy, what does coconut oil in tea taste like?


Hi there’s no taste of coconut - it just makes the tea look a bit greasy. I still use milk. Apparently it gives you energy, especially if you’re in a low carb diet (I’m grain free on the advice of a nutritionist as I had a very leaky gut.)


Thanks Kipsy, I’ve cooked with it for a few years but never thought of it in tea.

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