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Recently diagnosed Addison’s also have hashimotos. Please help with bloods 😢

Hello lovely people - these are my blood test results before I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and put on 15mg of hydrocortisone.

I’m taking 100mg of T4 and 40mg of T3 - I’m also gluten and dairy free and have B12 injections every 3 month for pernicious anemia.


TSH - <0.10 my/l Range 0.30 - 5.50

Serum free T3. - 8.2 P.O. pmol/L. Range 0.00 -7.00

Serum free T4. - 13. Range 11.50-22.70

Thyroid peroxidase ab conc. 41 iu/ml Range 0.00-33.90

Vit B12. 1086. Range 223 -1132

Vit D 157. Range 50 -125

They doc has said I may be over my T3 range and may want to reduce my T3. But I’m not happy they’ve kept me on the same dose for now as they are concentrating on my Adrenal issues just started on the HC and feeling yuk but hopefully balance out soon

They also say ny vit d is too high and I should stop supplementing

Any advice would be greatly appreciated I’m fed up trying to explain how awful I feel

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How long did you leave between last dose of T3 and blood test?


Hi clutter I must admit I’m always careful about leaving my meds for 24 hrs but I forgot and took my Levo and 20mg of T3 before bed. Blood test was in the morning. Could this be why it’s wrong ?



If there was more than 6-8 hours between T3 dose and blood test you are overmedicated. It's not too bad but worth considering reducing dose to 30mcg as FT3 should be kept within range.

TSH <0.1 is suppressed, probably because FT3 is high. FT4 is low in range because you are taking T3 direct, proportionally more T3 than T4, and there is no need for high T4 when taking T3 direct or when FT3 is high.

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are mildly positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine treatment is for the low thyroid levels it causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.

VitD is optimal 100 - 150 so 157 isn't too high. Possible toxicity isn't likely until >250. You could reduce to a dose of 1,000iu daily which would maintain level between now and March. Make sure vitD is taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine and T3.

You ought to have your folate tested periodically as you are having B12 injections. There's not much point in further B12 monitoring as 3 monthly injections should keep B12 high.


Thanks clutter. I thought it had to be longer. It was probably 8hrs after taking 100mg of Levo and 20mg of T3 so this means I am over medicated. Funny the endo didn’t pick up on this. He was more concerned about the adrenal. I wasn’t on hydrocortisone then but now I’m tak8ng 10mg HC AM and 5mg Pm.

I am gluten free anyway and hashi. Thanks for all your advice.


I'm appalled that the bottom of the range for Free T3 is 0.00. It seems that the labs and the medical profession are quite happy for people to die due to non-treatment or under-treatment, if they have thyroid problems.


If you have been diagnosed with Addison's then it is your T4 which should be tested & I believe it should be in the top end of the range. How much Hydrocortisone are you on? How many times a day are you taking it? Have a look on the Addisons website for more information, if you are on FB there is a great group UK Addisons info & support group.


Thanks Pauline I’ve only just been diagnosed with Addison’s I’ve just started taking 10mg am and 5 pm.

I’ve been on the Addison’s site great support. But don’t know anyone with both hashimotos and Addison’s with the pernicious anemia. I dont even like taking tablets.

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