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Test results

Hello Guys!

Just got my test results and would require your help on checking it and advise if needed adjustment of medication.

I'm currently just on Tiromel, 75mg per day. Feeling better but still strugling to drop weight.

Also checked Reverse T3 but the lab will take longer to give the result.

Total T3......... 1.10 (0.60-1.81 ng/mL)

Free T3.......... 2.4 (2.3-4.2 pg/mL)

Free T4.......... 0.31 (0.70-1.58 ng/dL)

Thyroglobulin.... 22.3 (<=55)

TPO.............. 103 (<= 35UI/mL)

Your help would be much apreciated!

Thank you so much, in advance, for all replys!

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How long did you leave between last T3 dose and blood draw?


I took my pils on friday morning (7 am) and did the test on saturday morning (+- 10 am)...

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75mcg is a relatively large dose but I think you may be a little undermedicated. Most people on T3 only will be optimally dosed when FT3 is in the upper third of range ie 3.55 - 4.2.

T4 converts to T3 and rT3. As you aren't taking T4 I would expect rT3 to be low.

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You need dose increases to bring your Free T4 and Free T3 towards the upper part of the range.

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Just a note: I've increased the T3 dose from 50 to 75 just one week ago. So I guess I'll keep this dosage for a while....

I was quietly and progressively dropping the T4.

This is all on my own, since I realy don't know what else could I do to drop the weight...

It's a shame that even the laboratories here aren't used to developing this tests as the result for rT3 will take 1 month to develop!!!

Thank you!!!


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