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Just received my vitamin results , gp seemed quite happy , still waiting for antibodies , apparently they take longer .. hoping someone could take a look and advise if needed .

Calcium....(2.2-2.6mmol) 2.28

Corrected calcium (2.2-2.6mmol) 2.31

Ferritin (13-150ng/ml) 46

Folate (3.9-26.8ng/ml) 9.8

Vitamin B12 (191-663 pg/ml) 444

Thanks in advance 😊

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Ferritin is best around 70 or mid range so still room for improvement. B12 is best at top of range or at least above 500 so a good B complex with the methylated forms of B's would be good

No vitamin D results?


Thanks for responding. They wouldn’t do vit D apparently Not allowed on NHS ??!!!

Would you suggest I take supplements at this stage ( newly diagnosed hypo ) although I am quite a good eater , I enjoy liver , steak etc lol ... if food not enough then which vitamins as it’s a mine field out there lol


Increasing your intake of red meat might increase your ferritin level as it's not too low. Liver no more than once a week would help. NHS does test vitamin D but they need a reason. Do you work in an office full time 9-5 and do you find it difficult to get into the sun? Do you have darker skin that requires higher levels of sunhine to synthesise vitamin D? You might also show your GP papers related to vitamin D and hypothyroidism research. I don't know if this is something doctors would take notice of, see weblink below.


Do not supplement vitamin D3 (or any kind of vitamin D) until you have a vitamin D test as it's stored in body fat and can build up to toxic levels. You can get a blood test done through City Assays for about £28 if your GP won't do it. It's a pinprick test and quite simple to do, you send it off in the post and get result back by email. Try GP again first. If you get the results then post here and people will advise what to do.


Interesting read ! I do work in pharmacy so not much light there , Eating steak and liver once a week , hopeful levels will increase . I will ask gp again for Vit D test . Thank you so much for your invaluable advice much appreciated 😊

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I take Thorn Basic B as a B complex supplement a couple times a week, its available with online ordering. It has good methylated forms of vitamin B in it. SeasideSusie has good advice on vitamins if you read her replies to others on this forum.

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Thanks for that 😊

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