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Blood results back - help, please :)

Hello everyone,

I have just received my adrenal stress profile from Genova and my cortisol is high in the morning, at lunchtime and late afternoon. Evening is normal, but top range.

DHEA 0.12 (0.05 - 0.32)

I have Hashimoto's, my antibodies did fall from almost 1000 to 880.

TSH < 0.01 (I'm on Nature Throid, 3 grains)

FT3 = 6.5 (3.1 - 6.8) fasting for 24 hours, I took 3 grains at once in the morning

TT3 = 2.2 (1.3-3.1)

FT4 = 19.4 (12 - 22)

Vit B12 = 440 (197-771)

Vit D = 85 (30-125) - on 4000 units of vit D for 2.5 weeks at that point

Ferritin = 34 (13-150) - on iron supp for 2.5 weeks at that point

My symptoms right now: acne/oily/dull skin, pale lips, extreme fatigue and brain fog (can barely read sometimes or focus on screen), lost weight (but now is more less stable), muscle twitches, left foot vibrating, whole body tremor, insomnia/waking up at 3-4 am and with high pulse, low blood pressure, indigestion/low stomach acid, food sits in the belly area, shortness of breath from time to time and racing thoughts/high stress

Background: been on 4 grains of Nature Throid until April; my bloods in April were:

TSH = 0.03, FT4 = top range, TT3 = top range, no FT3 measured; felt mostly fine and full of energy; GP told me to reduce from 4 to 3 grains based on TSH. 3 months later started to get palps flushes after steroid/antibiotics, GP reduced and stopped Nature Throid for about 4 weeks (alarmed by low TSH :( ), then started on 3 grains again (without incremental increase!). Needless to say - I have not felt right since - a lot of strange symptoms of hypo/hyper/stress.

10 days ago I reduced meds by 1/2 grain to 2.5 a day and I can safely say now I feel more sluggish, more brain fog, more tiredness, still high pulse and still cannot sleep etc.


1) Could it be that after 10 days I already see the difference in reduction? Or should I stay on 2.5 grains for longer?

2) Is it safe to increase by 1/2 grain every 2 weeks up to 4 grains to see if there is any improvement (I felt great on 4 grains before)?

3) Hormonal resistance? Should I take more hormones during stress - or should I add t3 (I have a pack of Thybon at home...) to NDT? If so, how much?

I did see an new endo yesterday and he thinks this is pure stress and was told to exercise, meditate, tai chi etc, which I will do, but I honestly wonder if I need to increase my hormones.

Endo wants me on 2.5 grains for another 4 weeks, but was not alarmed by low TSH (thankfully).

So many questions :) Did anyone go through something similar?

Thanks so much! :)


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Sorry you had no replies, it maybe that your thread was missed or because no one who saw it had the relevant information or experience.

If you still need help, it may be worth posting again.



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