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Am i Hypo with Graves

hi and thanks in advance for any info. Hello i have graves and have had my thyroid removed, like many thyroid sufferes i have never felt healthy and all i get from endo or dr (The computer says no lol) your in range, but recently i feel if though im hypo can someone look at these results for me.

tsh 0.58 range 0.4 - 4.00

t4 17 range 10 - 25

t3 3.7 range 2.8 - 7

b12 244 range 191 - 663

ferritin 8 range 30 - 400

triglycerides (non fasting) 1.0 mmol/L

total hdl cholesterol 1.3 mmol/L >1.0

cholesterol/hdl 3.6

non-hdl cholesterol 3.4 mmol/L 0 - 3.0

i have also recently bin diagnosed as being survere anemic and iron deficiant

medicine i take for this is folic acid 5mg a day and ferrous fumarate 210 mg 3 times a day (not taken at same time as my levo)

levothyroxine 150 micro grams 5 times a week and 175 2 days a week.

Also im sure i read some where being anemic increases thyroid blood levels (t4 T3) and once normal blood levels (9 pints) is achieved, the thyroid blood levels (t4 t3) will decrease futher due to fact of having more blood

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Apparently Graves can develop antibodies

This is an excerpt from a past post:-

Very heavy going, but this link might be of some use:

Antithyroid Antibodies Determination of antibody titers provides supporting evidence for Graves’ disease. More than 95% of patients have positive assays for TPO (microsomal antigen),...


That is saying, most people with Graves' have elevated TPOab.

TRAB seem to be what cause the hyperthyroidism - by getting stuck in the TSH receptor and continuously stimulating the thyroid to produce inappropriately high amounts of thyroid hormone.




You are hypo and badly treated

Waste of time taking levo with ferritin that low as your body simply cannot convert the t4 in levo into the vital t3 unless





Are all at least halfway in their ranges

You need to take at least 2000mg Vit C in split doses esp with the ferrous fumerate

You need to eat liver its more complete

After Graves and surgury many people find only NDT restores health but what is vital is that TSH is ignored and free t4 and freet3 are both right at the top or even over the top of their ranges if on levo

On NDT TSH will always be zero and Free t4 will only be middling but t3 will be at top of its range

My husband had graves then surgury was never well on levo or levo plus t3 or t3 alone but on NDT he is totally fit and well at 75


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