Help with understanding Graves' TSH Receptor Antibodies/Thyroid Peroxidase test results?

I would be most grateful if someone with knowledge or understanding of the following Graves' (hyperthyroid) test results could help to explain if these results are very high or not: TSH Receptor Antibodies - 6.3 and Thyroid Peroxidase - 74

Unfortunately, I was not given the normal ranges. Does anyone know what Thyroid Peroxidase actually is?

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  • Thyroid Peroxidase is a protein which is an enzyme require to create thyroid hormone.

    As such, it should normally be confined to the thyroid itself. However, if the thyroid is damaged (and most often, in this context, that is some form of autoimmune attack) some escapes into the bloodstream. At this point the immune system picks it up and tries to deal with it by creating TPO antibodies.

    Presence of TPOab is often taken as a strong indicator of autoimmune thyroid disease.

    74 is clearly well above the very low levels we'd hope to see but it could be within the lab's range.

    Very heavy going, but this link might be of some use:

    Antithyroid Antibodies Determination of antibody titers provides supporting evidence for Graves’ disease. More than 95% of patients have positive assays for TPO (microsomal antigen),...

    That is saying, most people with Graves' have elevated TPOab.

    TRAB seem to be what cause the hyperthyroidism - by getting stuck in the TSH receptor and continuously stimulating the thyroid to produce inappropriately high amounts of thyroid hormone.


  • Hi

    I was diagnosed with Graves in November 2012, just looked up my peroxidase - it was 167 on a range of 0 - 100. I felt awful at that point.


  • Thank you, Liz. How are you getting on now? Are you feeling any better? I was diagnosed in January 2013 so more or less the same time as you, as I think I had been feeling unwell since September 2012. Can you recall your TSH and T3 levels? My TSH is 0.01 and T3 12.8. I am taking 10mg Carbimazole (but the endocrinologist has stopped the betablockers).

  • Have sent you a private message with the answers to. Your questions.


  • Thank you, Liz. Could you tell me how to access your private message please? I'm not sure how to go about it.

  • No problem, look along the purple top bar - Home, Blogs, Questions etc last in the row is 'Messages' and you should find a little 1 there if it has reached you.

  • Many thanks. I've accessed your private message. Did I manage to send you a private reply back - did it arrive? I seem to press all the wrong things!

  • Yes, got it, you're doing just fine with your computing :-)

  • Thank you very much indeed, Rod. I apologise for the delay in my reply but it has taken me that long to read - and try to understand - the link! It is very interesting and informative but you certainly have the ability to explain things clearly and succinctly.

  • Take as long as you need!

    I am very happy when people get something out of what I post, but personal, specific responses are not demanded! And certainly not speedy ones. :-)


  • I've printed off some of the sections of the article to re-read later on as sometimes it seems easier to assimilate on paper. Some rather worrying facts included in the article but much better to be well informed. Hyperthyroidism seems to be more rare than hypothyroidism? It was quite a shock to discover I had Graves as my mother, brother and sister are all hypothyroid and as I always feel very cold presumed I would be the same as them. Do you suffer from either of these conditions? You don't have to answer if that's too personal a question!

  • Have a look at my profile! :-)

    (Click on helvella.)

    It is very difficult to inform without also causing worries! But I agree with you - at least you have somewhere to look, and somewhere to ask.

  • Thank you very much for advising me to click on your name to access your profile I didn't even realise that this was possible. I'm afraid I'm not very good at computer technology - rather technophobic!

  • Forgot to say, how's your hair? Every time I wash mine yet another pile of it goes down the plug hole. Now it seems to be generally falling out all over the place. Fortunately my hair was very thick before so at the moment it probably isn't obvious to anyone but me, but it is far thinner than before. It is falling out from the roots rather than breaking off, also when I was first treated it was really greasy but it looks like straw now. I just try not to touch it any more than I have to.

  • Yes, the same! Very thin hair and lank too - but it's always been very fine, so I'm afraid I may start going bald soon!

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