Am I Hyper or Hypo

Hi I was given levothyroxine 75mg in June after a routine blood test. I guessed I was hypo. I live in Germany so difficult at times to understand the Dr. I've recently found a Endo specialist had more blood taken and results were

TSH 0.0777

T3 3.44

T4 1.82

He adjusted my Levo to 75mg one day and 50mg the next alternate days.

Please help . Am I Hypo or Hyper?

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  • You are hypothyroid as you need addition hormone for your body to work properly, therefore your own thyroid is not producing enough. You may well have auto immune cause for this (hashimoto's disease) but this can only be diagnosed by testing for thyroid antibodies, which if raised can confirm hashimoto's. There is no treatment for the disease but adopting a gluten free diet can reduce the antibodies. It is difficult to intepret you results without the normal ranges, as these vary around the UK and Europe depending on the machines used to analyse the blood sample.

    I would think that your doctor has looked at a low TSH and decided that you are over medicated, but the real question is how do you feel? Thyroid disease is not straight forward but there is lots of advise out there. I wish you well on your journey.

  • Hi thank you for the info.

    The ranges I have on my paper are

    TSH 0.4 - 4.0

    T3 1.8 - 4.2

    T4 0.8 - 1.9

    It has be B12 on it and loads of other things too.

  • What is your B12 result ? I have heard they are on the ball in Deutschland with B12 :-)

  • Hi my

    B12 is 304

    Range 193 - 1000


  • Too low. Are you supplementing ? Are you on any medication that could be causing a low reading ? Are you vegetarian ? Your results need to be around 1000 - as only around 20% of your result is the available B12 that can travel to your cells where it is needed.

    As you can see by reading the above link B12 Deficiency can be a serious problem. Check out the videos under the heading FILMS.

  • Hi

    I'm on iron and B12 supplements from my Endo and DHEA alternate days. Everything on my blood result was low. Iron is non existent , B12 low and DHEAs low

    Hoping tablets make me feel abit better soon. I have chronic fatigue

  • You will be tired when you have LOW iron as iron is transported in the red blood cells. OXYGEN attaches to the iron in the red blood cell and is carried around the whole body. LOW iron = LOW Oxygen = LOW energy/fatigue. Simplistically put :-)

    If your iron is non-existent - shouldn't you be having an infusion ?

    Did you read the link I posted for you ?? It is important to read and learn if we are to become well.

  • Yes I have had 3 infusions.

    I will read he link, thank you

  • Why don't you complete your profile so you do not have to keep answering questions - and we are more informed about you. Saves so much time for everybody. Click onto my name at the top of this post and you will see what I mean.

    Having been on this forum for over 4 years I have spent a lot of time trying to be supportive - and when people do spend time reading the links they normally respond positively. Feedback is good ......

  • Thank you I will do later once I'm home 😄👍

  • What type of B12 did he give you? And how much?

  • Hi my B12 is 304

    I have B12 and iron tablets a combo they are. Can't remember the name will look when I'm home.

  • OK :)

    It's very important, because doctors do not always give you the right one, nor nearly enough!

  • It's called Eryfer comp it's b12 and iron

  • No, that's no good. It contains folic acid - which isn't the most easily absorbed - and cyanocobalamin - which you won't absorb.

    And there's not much of anything in there, anyway.

    It's a stupid idea because you will probably need to take B12 for the rest of your life, but you can over-dose on iron. You would be much better buying your own.

    For the B12, you need 5000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin daily for a few months, then you can reduce to 1000. With that, you need a B complex, because the Bs all work together, and need to be balanced. Not point in just taking one or two. Get one with methylfolate, because that's more easily absorbed.

    For the iron, best start a new thread to ask, because I'm not very good on iron. But, you do need to take 1000 vit C with it, to help with absorption.

    The best place for the Eryfer comp is the bottom of the dustbin!

  • Thank you for that info. I will ask when I go to the Endo in November to treat me for b12 deficiency. My Ferritin is 10 and the range is

    6 - 160

  • Yes, but I can't tell you what to take for iron, so you need to ask someone else.

    Please, do not expect your endo to treat you correctly for B12 deficiency. They know nothing about it. You would be much better off buying your own, as I explained above.

  • I'm going to take my own b12 supplement like you said.

  • What is your haemoglobin level? (It may be on your test results as "haemoglobin estimate" but look for the word "haemoglobin" and put the result and range. )

    If you have had iron infusions in the pass then your haemoglobin would have been low as well. So it is vital to know what it is as you take different amounts of iron if your haemoglobin is low compared to your ferritin.

  • I don't know I'm afraid

  • Then you need to go back to your doctors and ask them :

    1. If you have had a full blood count in the past year,

    2. and can you have a copy of the test results.

    In the UK we have the Data Protection Act 1998 which is based on 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. The directive means that you are allowed to get copies of all your test results so go and get them.

    As taking too much iron is dangerous in anyone who has diseases red blood cell diseases or has had a history of iron transfusions, we can't advise them how much to supplement.

  • Ok I will do in the morning. Thank you

  • When supplementing or injections for B12, usually recommended to also take a good quality vitamin B complex (eg Thorne or Jarrow). This is to keep all the B's in balance)

    Also gave you had your vitamin d checked ?

    Often low, or too low for you personally, when hypo

  • My Vit D is ok 👍

  • Ah .... but what do they call OK ? Is it around 100 ?

  • I do not know on that one. I don't see the Endo now until November

  • By 100 @Marz means 100nmol/L. If it is not over 75nmol/L it is NOT even bordering on "OK".

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