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Graves to hypo

Diagnosed with graves 2011 4 years on carbimazole with levels up and down. Taken off carbimazole December 2015. Discharged from endo consultant September 2016 to gp.

Have not felt well since. Latest blood results 2/11/2016

TSH 2.95 range 0.30-5.50 lab wouldn't do T3 and T4

Thyroid peroxidase Ab conc 191 range 0.00-33.90


Sleeping 9 hours do not feel refreshed on waking

Depression lack of motivation don't want to be around people ( always been a people person) Anxiety.

I play badminton and ice skate but find I am exhausted the next day.

Aches and pains, pains in feet, much more pronounced after sport.

Eyebrows half gone remaining really thin.

Also have high cholesterol levels but have read that hypo causes this.

Can honestly say didn't feel this bad when I was hyper.

I eat a healthy diet plenty of fruit and vegetables, take b12 sublingual supplement.

Any advice much appreciated.


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when you were on carbimazole did you felt better?

i remember when i was on it i was feeling good in general...i only had one problem with it and that was the bloating.its hard to be on a pill for 4 years then cut it...i hope you feel better soon


What reason did endo give for discharging you? your Tsh is too high and symptoms suggest your hypo,although I'm no expert. I'm sure one of the experts on here will be able to advise you. Have you thought about having private bloodtest to check t4 and t3.


Hi Raventhorpe

My consultant discharged me he said my levels had been normal

Since coming off carbimazole, but my tsh was always over 2.00

Which is not necessarily normal for me . Unfortunately they go on ranges rather than how you feel.



Ps got the impression consultant couldn't wait to discharge me to go care just to get me off his list .



Sorry should have said GP not go.


Thanks for your reply it makes me mad also, they just don't listen to you. Where do you get your private blood tests, will certainly go down that avenue.


It makes me so mad that they don't listen to us.I also have graves diagnosed 20yrs ago, had RAI 7yrs ago having fight with gp at moment lowered my dose of levo due to suppressed Tsh and felt bad ever since . Just had private bloodtest done waiting results will take to gp with professor Toft article from pulse mag hoping this will get gp to increase dose.j just feel we have to jump through hoops to get anything done.hope you feel better soon


Got bloodtest done with blue horizon. Alot of people on forum use them.Its the first time I've used them but they seem very efficient


Thank you will give them a go


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