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Am I hypo or not?

Am I hypo or not?


I would like to consult with you if thyroids may cause my sympthoms or not. I have definately slow resting metabolism (when not high on cortisol). But thyroids are not just one thing which may cause it. So I would like to consult with you if thyroids are qualified for supplementing or not.

I am currently taking:

Vit. D3



My temperature before waking up in the morning is in avarange: 36,38 - 36,6

My temperature in the morning usually decline after break fast.

My T3 in last 2 testing was in 25% - 34% range. But in the history it was up to 50% in the range. Entire history here: or in the attached picture.

My T4 was almost always bellow 50% range of the chart.

My antibodies seems to be OK.

My TSH is OK - But I have small pituitary adenoma (2mm) which probably not signal correctly.

History goes left to right. Right = more actual.

Thank you very much for your review. Would you try Armour?

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Pepous, I'm afraid I can't read the results in your link or above. Can you type the recent TSH, FT4 and FT3 results with the lab ref ranges into a post.


Thank you. Is it better in this picture?


Pepous, that's better :)

TSH is in low-normal range but may not be functioning well if you have a pituitary adenoma. FT4 14.3 is low in range, which could be due to lack of TSH stimulus. FT3 4.3 is less than half way through range but isn't unduly low for someone not on thyroid replacement.

I don't think your results indicate hypothyroidism but I would continue testing every 6 months to keep an eye on FT4. If FT4 drops below range without TSH rising your doctor should consider secondary hypothyroidism.


Thank you Clutter,

so you think my tendencies to lethargy/poor digestion/over sleeping/blurred vision/dizziness is not caused by Thyroids and I should look elsewhere?

I have also bordeline testosterone levels while low LH, FSH and erractic cortisol which I am trying to manage first.

So you think I may rule thyroids out?


Pepous, I don't think you can rule out low thyroid because hypothyroid symptoms can precede abnormal bloods by years but you wouldn't get treatment for hypothyroidism with your results in the UK.

Managing your other hormones and cortisol may help and ensuring ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate are optimal may help with fatigue. Dizziness can be a sign of low B12.

Gluten-free diet can improve digestive issues as some people may not be gluten intolerant (coeliac disease) but may have sensitivity to gluten.


Thank you. I know that doctor will not prescribe. I just want to investigate if my sympthoms are related to thyroids or not.

Ferritin, B12 I have tested and come OK. The rest I dont.

So if cortisol will be OK (I am trying it to manage by suplementing preg MLM). What is according to your experiences the probability that I would benefit of Armour?

Thank you! .)


Pepous, I couldn't possibly guess. You'd have to try it to see whether symptoms improve. If they do, it seems likely you need it.


Understand. And Clutter, I am sorry for another stupid question. But I would ask.

My TSH is sometimes quite high resulting in possibility to suplement by SUB-replacement dosing. Is there any possibility that this could work without supressing TSH to zero?

How to manage it? What is usual starting dosing?

In STTM Jannie mentioned as good starting dose 1 grain and than week by week to increase according to body temp and sympthoms.

If I plan to NOT replace entire thyroid production is the process the same?

Thank you


Pepous, The only stupid questions are the unasked questions :)

The dose you take will usually determine how low/suppressed TSH becomes but I'm not sure how safe it is to trust your TSH because of the adenoma. Just ensure your FT4 and FT3 remain within range and you should avoid overmedication.

STTM start higher than I would recommend, particularly if you haven't previously had thyroid replacement.

I recommend starting at half a grain (30mcg) to acclimate to T4, and in particular T3, and increase by half a grain every 2 weeks until symptoms resolve or you are on 2 grains. Hold at 2 grains for 4-6 weeks and have a blood test before increasing further.


You are talking about T4, or Armour?

I was mainly asking becouse I found that many people mentioned that just small replacement dose of thyroid results in decreasing TSH to ZERO immediately.

When body sense only small dose of external thyroids it decrease TSH to zero. Is it true?


Pepous, The pituitary gland raises TSH when it detects low circulating hormone and then stops production when it senses sufficient. Whether or not TSH is suppressed (<0.03) will normally depend on the dose. >145mcg Levothyroxine is usually a suppressive dose but some people find their TSH suppressed on as little as 75mcg. I imagine the same is true whether the hormone replacement is NDT or T3, too.


And (sorry). If someone is suplementing for for example 6-12 months with decreased TSH to zero and inhibiting own production is it possible to recover to initial values if one consider suplementing is not bringing desired benefits?

From how long "thyroid cycle" is body able to recover? :)

Thank you


Pepous, if your TSH is suppressed for some months it should recover when you stop supplementing. How quickly it responds will be very individual. I have no thyroid and when I stopped thyroid medication for 4 weeks my TSH rose to 107.5 and dropped back to 0.16 when I resumed T4+T3 for 4 weeks.


Thank you very much. It seems like a good idea to JUST try it (if cortisol, B12, ferritin is optimized first) + one have plenty of Vit D, Selenium and Iodine.

Becouse if it does not work I may just quit it. And it is easier to TRY and possibly fail than to speculate for years if it is problem or not.

I was just always convinced that there is risk of no recovery.

But for example Hertroghe in his book mentioned (and you confirmed) that people are able to recovery from even 30 years of supression. Pituitary and entire body is really probably amazing in this.


Pepous, TSH setpoint doesn't always recover after long term suppression but a few months really shouldn't be a problem.


Hello today,

today one more question come to my mind. Do low thyroids cause excesive hunger?

I am asking becouse excesive hunger is often one of my symthoms. And more food I eat more lethargy results of it.

That happen even when I eat low carb sometimes.

Fortunately my weigh is +- stable. When I excesive hunger start I need to start diet which stabilizes me quickly usually.

Thank you.


Pepous, low thyroid usually causes loss of appetite.


When I stopped my T3 only for 6 months, it only rose to 35.


GG, nothing wrong with our pituitary glands then :-D




Why are you taking the kelp, pepous? Did you test deficient for iodine? If you didn't get tested, you really should, because too much iodine isn't good, and could make things worse.


Becouse it was recommended to me to do so even without knowing much amout my state.


Well,, my advice would be to get yourself tested before you take anymore. I know iodine is necessary to make thyroid hormones, but not all cases of hypothyroidism are due to iodine deficiency. And too much can cause a hypo a lot of problems. Especially if you are Hashi's. :)


No my antibodies seems to be good. Thank you for your advice. Will research on how to check it in Prague.

Also I do more and more suspect that my main problem with the most significant sypmthoms is insulin resistance or II diabetes or something connected to Insulin.

I have so much sympthoms of it.


Well, iodine won't help with insulin problems. But it might deregulate your thyroid.


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