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I have the results of a private blood test for chronic tiredness The 'Blue Horizon' doctor's opinion is lengthy in explanation but he is basically referring me to GP for identified action:

TEST SAYS: creatinine levels are raised and explains why might be: 105 umol/L...............(normal range is 45-84) Advised "correct follow up action"

Uric Acid levels raised: 430 (Range 140-360)and he explained implications.....and advised to discuss findings with GP

Ferritin 356.4 ug/L.............(range 13-150) and advised on implications

Vit D "Borderline Insufficiency" and I can't find info but I do and you have advised before as GP can only prescribe 800IU D3 and its in hand! Long explanation of implications followed and advised to discuss with GP

Vit B12 seems in range 383ug/L (range:197-771) B12 ref range updated in Methodology 1/03/ Cortisol 394nmol/L(range:166-507nmol/L) FYI.... Fasting test at 9.15a

TSH is still up a bit (I think) at 0.394 Folate (serum)readings are within range

4.0 ug/L......(range 3.9-26.8)

Dont appear to have any ref to T3 but Free T4 is reading 19.68 pmol/L and within range of (12.0-22.0)

I hope you can understand my email and thank you in advance. Happy to recheck anything.....just to ask too if iron in supplements should I stop taking them? Why would Dr(not GP) have advised me that "some thyroid meds can affect way thyroid works" Have stopped taking thyroid support, Krill and it the iodine levels? I checked and was asked why I planned to take them " to help my thyroid " GP said he was happy for me to take them as they were only food supplements. Should I have stopped? This has been kindly answered THANK YOU!

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Folate is dreadful - needs to be halfway through range. B12 is not good - needs to be over 500, 800iu D3 is useless you need at least 5000iu for a couple of months and then retest. High ferritin is worrying esp with the kidney/gout problems - do not take any iron until you've talked to your GP. Have you been tested for haemochromatosis? Remember that GPs know nothing at all about nutrition (it's about half an hour in 5 years of training) and very little about thyroid. TSH and Free T4 look fine but you really need a free T3.

THANK YOU and last message just disappeared!

MAY get t3 tested as waiting for results from surgery.GP responded favorably to private drs request for testing but computer said 'No' and GP said "leave it with me" so we'll see. Self funded care as waiting too long and family worried. Haemochromatosis testing? Will ask GP at next appointment well!Good to know TSH and free T4 heading in the right direction

THANK YOU again will try to sort things out .....and remain calm!

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