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Buying T3 online

I'm looking for a reliable source of T3 as my 85 year old mother has been informed that she will not be able to get T3 much longer as it is being blacklisted soon. She has been on T3 for years has tried T4 and didn't do at all well on it. Any advice on where to buy would be much appreciated.

Also I believe NDT is available on the NHS but is more T3 than T4. Has anyone successfully switched to this from T3?

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where are u form?


From London UK


Welcome to the forum, Benedict999.

Is it your mother's endocrinologist, GP or CCG who has said that T3 is being blacklisted?

NDT is not licensed for UK use and is rarely prescribed on the NHS. NDT is roughly 4:1 T4:T3.



Her GP has told her she has a month left before the T3 is blacklisted.



I would write to your GP (cc your MP) and tell your GP that the CCG does not have the authority to tell GPs what not to prescribe and you believe your GP is in breach of GMS contract by with-drawing treatment your mother has been told she needs. Say she has been well on Liothyronine and wishes to continue taking it. Attach the BTA guidance for patients and GPs.

The BTA issued guidance that patients doing well on T3 should not have their prescriptions with-drawn. See FAQS for patients and GPs in british-thyroid-association...

Read too The BTA response to NHS England's consultation on de-prescribing Liothyronine british-thyroid-association...

CCGs do not have the authority to tell GPs what not to prescribe. Individual GPs, not CCGs, could be found in breach of the General Medical Services contract if they do not prescribe treatment patients have been told "they need".


The GPC has warned that GPs would be in breach of the GMS contract and could get into legal trouble by following the orders and refusing to prescribe patients treatments they have told them they need.


Please sign the petition requesting better thyroid diagnosis, testing and treatment. change.org/p/itt-campaign-g...

If members can recommend sources they will send you a private message. as sources can't be posted on the forum. To read a private message: support.healthunlocked.com/...

To send Benedict999 a private message: support.healthunlocked.com/...


benedict999 If your mother has been on T3 for some time and is doing well and shown to have a clinical need for it, then I believe it can't be taken away from her.

From british-thyroid-association... The British Thyroid Association have recommended



1. Patients already established on Liothyronine and experiencing symptomatic benefit should be allowed to continue with Liothyronine treatment prescribed in primary care. Abrupt change in treatment may impact negatively on well-being. Changing to Levothyroxine therapy should only be considered if the patient is not experiencing benefit from Liothyronine and any change should only be made following informed discussion with the patient and, if necessary, advice from an endocrinologist.


Also, please read through this post as there is some information about T3 not being stopped and what you can do, check out the links in Rapunzel's post (first repy) then SlowDragon has given a link to the Patient Association's comments in the 8th post down.


At 85 years of age they shouldn't be messing with your mother's meds if she is doing well on them.

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