Is buying T3 online illegal?

Hi all

I'm applying for a job and the medical questionnaire is very in depth. I have to be completely honest as I could be dismissed if I am not truthful.

I buy my T3 online from Greece and I'm now wondering if this is illegal? Does anyone know the laws for buying medicine online?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Lindsay

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  • Lindsayf,

    It's perfectly legal for UK citizens to import T3 for their own and their household's use.

  • As always, this has to be prefaced with "I am not a lawyer", but...

    The relevant act, as far as I can tell is this:

    The Human Medicines Regulations 2012

    (6) Paragraph (1) does not apply to a person who imports a medicinal product for administration to himself or herself or to any other person who is a member of that person’s household.

    You would only be doing something illegal if it were a controlled drug. Liothronine (T3) isn't a controlled drug.

    (As I rather jokingly said in another similar reply recently, it wouldn't be legal to import for your dog. The exemption is specifically for "person"!)

  • Thanks I've just read the link and it doesn't say how you get the medicine into the country. I take it buying it online is still legal then? Or is it only legal if you bring it into the country on your person?

  • No, you are right - it says it is not illegal to import it for the persons in your household.

    Can't think of any reason that it would be legal by mail or phone order or in-person purchase but not online! :-)

    There is some MHRA statement to that end as well but the fundamental legislation seems a powerful argument.

  • Sorry does that mean it is illegal to buy online? Okay I'll say I buy over the counter T3 from Greece.

  • No, it is not illegal unless class A drugs of course and for oneself only. See my other reply.

  • Thanks ill be honest and say I take T3... they also asked where I get medication from i.e. Doctor.. I think I say it Greece T3 and miss out how I get it :/ or maybe o should just say online T3

    Thanks for replying

  • Not sure you need say anything more than "I import it for myself".

    If you say much more, you end up worrying if you changed to German, French, Italian, Turkish, Indian, USA, Mexican or any other T3 source for any reason. Or if you bought it in person when you said that you buy it online.

  • Very good wording... I'll say I import Greek T3.. sorry overthinking this one tonight!

  • I have no idea why your prospective employer is quite so hot on the issue. I agree with keeping it simple but truthful. Not lying by omission but not making yourself a hostage to an over-precise statement.

  • Im half way through the recruitment process for the Police force.. I've done the paper shift and assessment centre and now it's the medical questionnaire which has to be signed off by my GP and then it's my full medical.

  • Ah! That possibility did cross my mind.

    Bets of luck with the application. :-)

  • Thanks:)

  • It's worth just asking them and getting a written response of it it's needed or not. Police questionnaires are tricky things as they are used against many people almost as a bizarre integrity test.

    But it's also not always beneficial to put everything on them, so asking in writing for clarification BEFORE you submit the form is always a worthwhile exercise. I've had several friends caught out by police application questionnaires who've filled them in utterly truthfully and been turned away because of errors in police administration and from misunderstandings or bizarre rules.

    It's not illegal, to import so you are fine on that front, but medical stuff can always get you in bother. It may be they may ask you to have your GP simply add a note saying why it's suitable for you to take it and the consequences if you don't. It's the same for the military, thyroid problems are a borderline for acceptance as you do need to take it daily, but it won't kill you right away if you don't(like insulin for a diabetic) so they need extra paper to cover the liability so how it's classed on the medical application makes a big difference.

  • Can you tell me where and how you get your T3 from Greece please. Up to now I have got mine from Tina in Cyprus but cannot access her new website now. I am quite worried as I really need it.... hope it is alright to ask here.

  • Why don't you put Thyroid Hormone replacements. They may not need to know the actual T4, T3, NDT and you may switch between all of them at one time or another.

    If you have to state the product it is liothyronine so I wouldn't say Greek, Turkish as you may have to source any T3.

  • I decided to say the my GP funds the Levo and I self fund Liothyronine...

  • From: MHRA Customer Services

    Sent: Friday, June 19, 2015 9:50 PM


    Thank you for your email on importing medicine for personal use.

    There is no requirement for a member of the public to notify the MHRA of the importation of medicines for personal use and the legislation does not restrict such importation. Consequently, we do not issue any form of licence, certificate or authorisation to aid personal importation. We consider personal use to involve the use of the products by you or your immediate family or household; under such importation you must not sell or supply imported medicines onward as this would be considered placing the product onto the market.

    Please note that up to a 3 month supply of a medicine is considered to be an acceptable quantity for personal use, HM Revenue and Customs can prevent importation if large quantities are being imported and/or they have suspicions that the product is not being imported for personal use. There is more information on the HM Revenue and Customs website at the link below:

  • Unfortunately the link at the end does not work. Are you able to post a working link?

  • The rest is more about importing and exporting as businesses etc. I do not have the rest of the link because I just saved that letter for future use. However I am sure if you google HM Revenue and Customs you will be able to find it. The bit there says exactly the same as in the letter.

  • I have bought umpteen things, nothing controlled but benzos like Xanax, valium etc. and provided it comes from an EU country there is no problem, or there never has been for me. However, once we leave the EU, it will be a different matter and everything will be checked by Customs, including the value plus postage and then you will get a card from the Royal Mail saying they have your parcel and tell you what is owed. Unfortunately, despite many many complaints over the years, Royal Mail take it upon themselves to collect the revenue on your behalf even though you don't ask them to and they have the cheek to charge £8 for this service which is sometimes more than the tax due. I have been caught out like this with supplements from the U.S. for my osteoporosis but if you find an understanding company, they will lower the value right down on their customs form to avoid this.

  • Elaine2447,

    You are not restricted to importing medicines from Europe now but if you buy outside the EU VAT 20% can be levied on goods over £15 plus the p&p.

  • Diazepam is actually a Controlled Drug (Class C).

  • Thanks, I didn't know that. Guess I will have to get a stockpile before Brexit!

  • Bear in mind that mere possession of a Controlled Drug is an offence - except under the defined rules (e.g. it has been prescribed expressly for you).

  • Asking a company to mis-represent the value of a package is an offence.

    (It is rather more difficult to know the legal status if the company does so without you knowing in advance.)

  • Unfortunately some supplements are only available in the U.S. and It makes it too expensive with the shipping of two months worth which was costing $129 plus whatever the uk customs added on. I have had to give it up for the time being because of the vitamin D content and suspected primary hyperparathyroidism.

  • It does not necessarily have to come from an EU country. Many people are buying NDT from Thailand and the USA and that is perfectly legal.

  • It's more about the value of something and getting clobbered with uk tax. The stuff I have bought in the past isn't necessarily produced in the EU but is posted from the EU. I have found a GP who is also a functional medicine practitioner and although I haven't made an appointment yet, she confirmed that she does prescribe NDT if required. The fact she only mentioned NDT makes me think she doesn't prescribe T3 but I don't know what that is exactly as I am new to all this thyroid stuff but have multi antibodies.

  • The Royal Mail charge does seem high and the surprise of it to many is unpleasant. However, have you any workable suggestions how else it could be done?

    It has for some time been possible for companies outside the EU to effectively register for VAT and charge it before sending the order. This avoids the Royal Mail charge but means there is a 100% rate of collection - there will never be the odd order that gets through without VAT.

  • it's a problem. If only these gp's had a few symptoms themselves it would make life a lit easier. Some days I feel so ill like I'm dying and the anxiety attacks are awful and the only reason i get benzos on the qt. I only pop one once or twice a week as I don't want to get hooked.

  • Am not judging you at all. You do what you need to do!

    Completely agree that it is very important to take as little as possible, with as big gaps as possible.

    I have to let you know, though, and by replying to you, letting others know as well.

    All the best

  • No.

  • Do you have to tell them? From personal experience telling the truth can back fire big time as not many people understand unless they have a thyroid condition themselves? Also it's something naturally produced within the body anyhow so they wouldn't really ever find out.

  • I feel I do as I'm still under the Endo at hospital and the last thing I want is my Doctors telling them and I didn't mention it to them

  • You have to do what is right for you really. If the Endo knows then is shouldn't be such a big deal. I had problems when I actually told the nhs but your situation is a lot different

  • You know, KK, I was just thinking a similar thing. Some things are just none of their damn business. We don't ask employers just how many people get profit sharing, how much are the top brass making, how many illegal aliens are they employing or how much is the interviewer getting paid under the table - so what the hell does it matter what medications we are on and where do we get it? Just because we are truthful doesn't mean we have to tell everyone everything about ourselves. Just say that's private information.

    This kind of interrogation from prospective employers encourages people to lie. This is a big problem in the US.

  • That's the things isn't it, you are literally stuck thinking what do I do for the best? It can go either way and there is no way of determing which is the best option. I wouldn't advocate lying on applications but I told the truth to the nhs, not on a job application but about me self medicating and that came back to bite me big time. Wish I hadn't of haha.

  • ok my question is why would you want to buy any type of medication from another country do you know was it a pharmacy is it licensed did the t3 come from a licensed drug manufacture wondering if it was illegal is the least of you problem it could have cause you major problem with your health the safe thing to do go to your doctor for a prescirption go to a licensed pharmacy and be safe remember its your life don`t take chances several days ago there was some one went to to another country for meds and there was another guy who had a thyroid problem who had a gluten problem but decided to eat things made with gluten well good luck to him when the gluten destroys his gut thats all she wrote it won`t grow by and it won`t heal think and be safe

  • I am quite sure that the original poster would much rather get the medicine she needs prescribed and supplied entirely by the NHS.

    If that doesn't happen - for any reason - not taking the required medicine might well be a worse choice in every way that matters. Often a much worse choice.

  • Yep that's what happened. My Endo wanted me to go on T3 but the NHS has pulled it from her. She knows I take it and I see her every 3 months for blood test.

  • When so many of us on this forum are forced to self-treat, your comments seem strange.

  • lindacampbell is new to the forum, she may not know that many self treat :-)

  • whispers60,

    You are right that lindabcampbell is a relatively new member. But has been here long enough to respond over a dozen times.

    She has swapped doctors several times to find one that would prescribe her Armour. So is clearly aware that different treatments can be hard to find. Possibly not aware that in the UK, doctor-swapping is a very limited option - unless you are rich enough to pay for repeated private consulations until you find your target.

  • my question to you do you trust the place where you buy t3 in greece is the drug company license do you feel safe taking it, don`t you have a pharmacy where you live just think for a moment --whether its illegal is not the first thought, is it safe for you to put it in your body

  • I was misdiagnosed for years by my GP and it was a locum Doctor who started me on Levo.. it's only been myself and the help of fantastic people on here that have helped me understanding my condition. I have a wonderful Endo at my hospital who is fully aware that I take T3 and where it comes from. She takes my blood every 3 months to check my levels. I got recommendations from people on here as to where I could get T3. You can't get T3 in the UK without a prescription and the NHS no longer fund it in my county. Yes I do feel safe taking it as I feel I have done my research and have the backing of my Endo. My old GP was useless and was happy to see me struggle! I had to take matters into my own hands and I'm so glad I did! There was only one person to get me better and that was myself!

  • all i`am saying is at least do a search on the internet have there been any problem with this company do they sell good products are the t3 top grade use what ever search engine you have and check this place out sure you need the t3 if it is a poor grade you need to know you might find a license pharmary online that sell top grade medication look all i`am just be safe and i`am more lucky i live in santa clara county in calif and there are lots of choice for me but there are as many terrible doctor here as well as good one i have just lucked out4 months and found sutter health medical group that have doctor to treat any problem i have i hope you guys will soon get some thing like that

  • Hi, would some kindly soul PM me and let me know websites I can get T3 from please. Or online pharmacies. Anything.just going round in circles. Xx

  • Hi

    I get it from Greece but I still haven't received my order from 2 months ago! I know a few people on here have had the same issue as T3 is becoming hard to come by in Greece. A few people have got it from other countries but I don't know where.. maybe ask for other suppliers on the forum but not Greece as you may not get any xx

  • I have just pm you. Hope you don't mind

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