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Hi, I'm new here

Could anyone let me know where to buy liothyronine online please. I've been prescribed it for 10 years without a problem until last year when my GP looked at blood results and said I had to cut down to one 20 mcg a day instead of two. I stupidly did this and within a few months put on three stone and spiralled down into a pit of misery with constant headache, foggy brain, blurred vision and spent 16 hours a day in bed but with pains in my legs which stopped me from sleeping. I think the reason I do well on T3 only is that my first test result, before I was put on medication, showed a high enough T4 but low T3 reading, so there's probably a conversion problem. I've now returned to two tablets a day but finding it hard to get back to my former self. Until recently I had no knowledge of sites like this one so didn't know about the struggle thyroid sufferers have to get proper treatment. I'm now in a constant state of stress waiting for my GP to tell me he can no longer prescribe liothyronine so your help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have been getting t3 on NHS keep fighting for it.  I have spent 12 months in a state of stress too and been given the run around but think I have got somewhere with my new consultant saying saying I can mkeep my t3 she also said docs not allowed to prescribe unless your under a consultant.  Stand your ground !! Of course if no luck buy elsewhere. X

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Thanks polly3, that's what I intend to do. I do fear for the future though. My worst fear would be that an EU law is passed to stop people buying thyroid medicine from abroad but perhaps I'm just being a pessimist!


I's tough but never give up and instead hope that they become aware that t3 helps and will prescribe readily.  Good luck and try not to loose hope. X


I didn't mean to start a tsunami of requests sweetbroccoli but thank you for answering us all!


Somehow "mfinn" came out as main...autocorrect I think!


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