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Hi everyone, managed to get a printout of blood tests I had done. There is a long list but will just pick out ones relevant. I do have a long history of hyperthyroidism symptoms but up to date all has been within the ranges. A blood test done 8 months ago showed although my iron levels were low,they were "ok".

Latest ones are:

Serum tsh level 1.84 mu/l (0.35-5.50)

Serum free t4 10.1 Pmol/l(7.0-17.0)

Serum vitamin b12 385ng/l (150-900)

"B12 deficiency unlikely,seek further advice if suggestive features present"

Serum folate 5.3ug/l >3.0

Serum ferritin 28ug/l (15-300)

Also stated that my neutrophil count was high and eosinophil count low.

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Your ferritin level is not ok for a hypothyroid patient taking levothryoxine. Experience tells us that ferritin needs to be at least 70 or mid-range and not higher than top of range for us to feel well and for levothyroxine to work well.

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Hyperthyroidism symptoms but not diagnosed or on any meds. Top of the page printout says "normal"

Haven't spoken to doc yet as just got results from receptionist but see her end of next month.

im trying to compare them on Internet searches but not really getting anywhere lol.



You need to have your antibodies tested to rule out a thyroid condition, TPO antibodies and Thyroglobulin antibodies. According to your results you are not hyperthyroid. However, if you have thyroid antibodies, your blood test results might fluctuate. As some of your other results were out of range you'll have to investigate and rule things out together with your GP.

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Thank you so much for your reply. It's lovely to see everyone so helpful and supporting each other on here. To be honest there is more support than our doctors!! Yep think there is something going on. Hopefully will get to the bottom of it. Thanks for the advice on the tests I will ask about them.


If in the UK, NHS might only do TPO antibodies. If you want them both done you might have to do it through a reliable online lab. Medichecks and Blue Horizon are used by people on this forum.

Let the GP do everything they can do first before spending out money, perhaps unnecessarily.

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Also try to get vitamin D tested

Thyroid antibodies testing essential


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