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Betrayal - Episode 6, part 1

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This video was almost two hours and I may have two parts or just highlight some segments. The information concentrates mainly on the effects of autoimmunity and the brain. Autism, MS, ADD all considered mental disease but treating the gut made a huge difference to the people interviewed. If you suffer any of these it would be a good idea to watch the video. When doctors have to find other doctors for cures, we know that standard care is unable to deal with autoimmune conditions. Functional medicine was used in all of the case studies.

Treating Alzheimer's as an autoimmune condition has proved effective, in this segment they look at autism, MS and ADD along with other neurological issues.

In the 80's autism prevalence was one in 4,000 and now apparently one in 163. Toxicity from parents to child or accumulated toxins after birth and after inoculations seem to be the causes. We have already listed a number of things developed that include antibacterial soaps, triclosan, plastics like bisphenols, chemicals used in fire retardants and glycophosphate, a pesticide used in agriculture. Bisphenol A may not be the cause but it is found seventeen fold in autistic children. They made comparisons between autism and other birth defects and find them quite different. A brother and sister, fraternal twins, where the female was autistic but her brother was not on the spectrum were studied. The daughter showed bad behavior in school and home and potty accidents daily. The elimination diet including gluten free completely changed her behavior and she had no accidents within six weeks.

An alternative psychiatrist who treated ADD children felt that drugs were the last resort. Often these children have evidence of low dopamine. She said often the fathers has the same deficiency which shows up in alcoholism, gambling, depression, anxiety, bi-polar all related to dopamine receptor deficiency. These children need high density nutrients, especially high quality protein. Again, nutrients such as amino acids work quickly and more directly. She prescribes 5 hydroxy triptophan and magnesium, b vitamins in the right amounts. Rarely needs to turn to meds.

Another study with 118 people chosen at random had the IGG blood test for gluten. they found 63% were brain antibodies, second was adrenal and third, the heart. He explained cross reactivity (Synaptosome) which was a connection with certain foods looking like certain body tissue. It seems when looking for treatment it would be necessary to find those connections in each individual. They mentioned tomatoes, spinach and soy were related to brain issues.

Early signs may be poor handwriting or memory or getting lost or having poor balance, Often elderly people have difficulty walking with a normal gait. But you can actually improve your brain function at any age! Plasticity is the reason brain can change. If your handwriting changes your fine motor movement may be degenerating but you can practice and reactivate that area of the brain.

Another case study involved a Professor of Medicine who had MS. She found the best physicians, went to the Cleveland Clinic, took the newest drugs for MS and continued onto secondary MS. Within several years she was in wheelchair most of the time as she could not stand up. Deciding conventional medicine could not help her, she had also been a vegetarian, she learned the functional approach and changed her diet giving up legumes and gluten but still declined but more slowly. After seven years she was thinking of early retirement but tried the Institute of Functional Medicine . She had a long list of supplements but the tipping point was when she found the right combination of nutrients through food and with two months she was walking again and within twelve months rode 20 miles on her bike. Very impressive woman.

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Thanks again, Heloise.

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