Doctor in the House - Last episode

Looks like the BBC has decided when the delayed last episode of the current series will be broadcast. Might be different times elsewhere than England.

Tue 27 Jun 2017 22:45

BBC One London

Episode 4

Doctor in the House, Series 2 Episode 4 of 4

Nicola has been diagnosed with ten different conditions, including fibromyalgia, ME, sciatica and depression. Her pain and exhaustion has led her to become addicted to painkillers and almost housebound. Can Dr Chatterjee help Nicola find the cause of her problems and improve her health so that she can enjoy life with her three young sons again?

La-vern suffers from stress and severe exhaustion, and is at risk of developing life-threatening type 2 diabetes. A single mother, she works two jobs as a car saleswoman and a nightclub bouncer, while juggling the demands of her two young sons. Rangan must find a way to completely overhaul her lifestyle, including her diet, sleeping habits and work-life balance.

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  • I tried to see that one on catch up and couldn't find it. Not sure why they've done that. I like in England too though.

  • It wasn't available on catch-up because it hasn't been shown anywhere yet.

    I think the program was delayed because of a recent terrorist attack or because of the election, but I'm not sure which.

  • Quite possibly both. It has been a very disrupted country, even world, recently.

  • That explains it then, thanks human bean. I'll watch out for it, see if it come in this week. 😊

  • Lady in the picture looks Hypo - puffy face and drooping lids where the muscles are too tired to hold them up. Also think the guy is on the way too 😊

    What a pity Docs now look at their computer screens rather than the patient ....

  • Difficult to be sure, but does she have full eyebrows? Or are the outer parts just drawn?

  • Wonder if Dr in the House will be allowed to mention the dreaded T ? Think the whole eyebrow has been pencilled in after being well plucked to create a good shape :-)

  • I bow to anyone else's authority on that one!

    I think many of us have been waiting with bated breathe for this to be broadcast to find out what the conclusions are.

  • She has the two necklace wrinkles on her neck - which according to a Greek doc I know of - is a sure sign the body is giving you a signal about the thyroid needing attention. Sadly nothing scientific - :-)

  • That's interesting. I have two vertical wrinkles on my neck. A doctor thought it was a scar where I'd had my thyroid removed. However, I am optimally medicated so maybe it's just another wrinkle.

  • I think once the wrinkles are there they remain - mine have 😊 If you observe people on TV you will notice quite a few - which begs the question .....

  • I always look for the eyebrow giveaway. My husband gets fed up with me saying 'she looks like she's got thyroid disease'

  • How I wish we all had doctors like that. Able to look at the bigger picture and actually believe that nutrition matters!!!

  • Will be interesting to see. I read Nicola also has Underactive thyroid.

  • This is showing up in my TV schedule as starting at 11.10pm this evening (27th June). That is annoyingly late for any night let alone a week night :x

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