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The is the final episode of Broken Brain 2. Sometimes they will rerun all the episodes later and you can view the ones you missed. These are highlights of this episode.

Functional Medicine doctor and nutritionist Elizabeth Boham, M.D. discusses her 5R program for healing your digestive system. You can use the tips she gives you to restore your gut’s microbiome. As you know by now, this is a critical part of optimizing your health.

Your emotions literally communicate with every aspect of your biology, each second you’re alive. So ignoring your emotions can actually contribute to physical disease. Integrative medical doctor Edison De Mello will tell you what he recommends as an enjoyable and effective way to embrace your feelings — before they become disease triggers. (It’s based on a special Native American tradition.)

Brain health coach Ryan Glatt reveals 3 simple principles for getting started with the right type of exercise to stimulate neurogenesis — the process of growing new nerve cells in your brain. This process not only lowers your risk for chronic dis-ease, but also improves your brain’s executive functions so you can be more successful in life.

I’ll give you my top 5 pointers for minimizing your toxic load and boosting your body’s ability to detoxify from the environmental exposures you’ve already had.

Nutritionist Trudy Scott, who describes herself as a “food mood expert,” shares the single change you can make in your diet that — without doing anything else — led to a 30% reduction in depression and a significant decrease in anxiety in a recent study.

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The first half hour covers these points and a couple of testimonials.

Polyphenols antioxidants will cool down the immune system.

The 5R program:

Remove bad food and/or infections

Replace enzymes like Betaine HCL

Reinoculate - probiotics or prebiotics

Repair - glutamine, zinc, vitamin A

Rebalance - relaxation and meditation

Try to find your genetic variations like the methylation gene or glutathione gene

Deficiencies need to be addressed and supplements may be necessary

Genes are not your destiny


Ideal diet for you may be No gluten and even No grains but in one study just switching to real whole foods improved their depression.

To reset your brain, you need to keep moving almost any movement will work. Blood flow to the brain stimulates neurogenesis but those cells have to be used or will die.

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The middle portion covered this.

Aerobic exercise may not have the same benefit as an exercise or movement you enjoy doing more. They spent time on the details and types of exercise. Finding an accountability partner is very helpful. Being consistent in whatever you choose. Muscles are the largest organs we have and we can choose the size. This is a list of email or websites of all the doctors involved.

Your gut has an immune system afterwhich your liver has its immune system and is like the sheriff. The bloodstream has the special forces (antibodies) with high powered rifles, the fourth immune system is glial cells in the brain which guard the blood brain barrier which renews rather quickly. If anything breaches the BBB, the glial cells keep getting activated causing collateral damage. This destroys brain tissue as well as foreign bodies. Then you need antibodies to get rid of the damaged tissue in order to form new tissue. Elevated antibodies of the brain mean inflammation.

Following this they recapped the necessity for participating in life through community. They commented on the Framingham Study. (to be continued).

If anyone cares to share any points they enjoyed or found useful, please do.

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Thanks Heloise, about to fly home for the hold but a ‘must watch’.


Home not hold ..... MIND OF ITS OWN IPad.


Mean ‘holiday’. Very lost in translation!




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