Confused about Vitamin K


I have been hearing a lot recently about how it is best to take Vitamin K with Vitamin D.

I understand it should be Vitamin K2

What I am confused about from what I have read is that Vitamin K helps the blood to clot properly but I though as we got older we would not want our blood clotting because of all the awful results it can cause.

Can anyone enlighten me please? as I cannot get my head around it, maybe the brain fog.

thank you browny

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The Wiki article appears to have been massively enhanced in the recent past. Doesn't make it easy to answer your question in a few words so, rather than my struggling to summarise it, I suggest having a read of the article itself:

Many thanks for the link,

yes a lot to read but understand a bit more now.

Browny, We do want our blood to clot properly or we'll bleed out. Someone on anticoagulants might want to avoid supplement vitamin K. This link explains the differences between K1 and K2.

Clutter, you forgot to post the link, unless you were referring to helvella's wiki link.

Thanks, HB. I've added it to my post.

Thank you Clutter,

I panic when I read anything to do with blood clotting due to family history, but understand more about K now.

Thanks for the link.

Browny, forgot to mention that taking K2 with vitD3 is important for ensuring that calcium in the diet is layed down in bones and not in arteries.

Please see the video/s that I previously posted about it here:

Many thanks for the link,

I will watch this evening.

The link below is from 2011 so not sure if more evidence or research has changed

Hope this helps :)

Many thanks for the links,

yes it does help, I understand more now.

I take combined vitamin K3 and D3 sublingual tablets to support my bones

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