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GP appointment

Hi I had my GP appointment on Friday which went well (I think) I am now taking 150mcg levothyroxine from 125mcg levothyroxine with a repeat test in 6-8 weeks. I have also had it confirmed I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and I need to avoid gluten and possibly dairy since I am lactose intolerant.

TSH 4.5 (0.2 - 4.2)

Free T4 15.6 (12 - 22)

Free T3 2.6 (3.1 - 6.8)

TPO 274 (<34)

TG antibodies 256.3 (<115)

The GP has started me on ferrous fumarate to take 3 times a day because I have iron deficiency confirmed with complete blood count and iron panel results (which I was not contacted about and he has apologised on behalf of the GP who arranged this) he wants me monitored every 3 months as well

Ferritin 23 (30 - 400)

He has tested me for intrinsic factor antibodies and given me loading dose of B12 after this with future injections planned but does not want me to start on folic acid until the intrinsic factor antibody result has come back

B12 196 (180 - 900)

Folate 2.1 (2.5 - 19.5)

Also loading dose of vitamin D with 6 monthly reviews

Vitamin D 25.8 (25 - 50 deficient)

Hope this all sounds ok.


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Sounds great!! Well done for getting some action. I hope the GP monitors you properly in future and I hope you start feeling better soon. Sounds like a GP who knows what he's doing.

Have you been tested for lactose intolerance? You don't want to remove dairy from your diet unnecessarily. Eat 5 prunes a day as it may help prevent osteoporosis.


What would help prevent osteoporosis isn't prunes, it is taking vit k2-mk7 and magnesium as co-factors of vit d.

Your GP is partially right about the folate in that, with a b12 deficiency you should start supplementation for that first, as supplementing folate first can mask b12 issues and make them worse. There is no need to wait for test results, however. If the results come quickly and you then supplement, that shouldn't be a problem. If there are any delays then I would push to supplement earlier.

Of course, iron must be 4 hrs from any other supplements or Levo. Vit d also 4 hrs from Levo. Everything else at least 2 hours.

I hope you start to feel improvements soon.

Good luck,



Hang onto that gp, he sounds very helpful and more knowledgeable than most I've encountered.

Going gluten free will deff help, there are couple of really helpful FB sites that I'm on that you might want to join :-

Gluten Free and Me

Coeliacs Abroad

Good luck with your recovery x

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He sounds like a breath of fresh air! Unusual for doctors to give apologies as well. Don't let him leave!!!


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