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Feedback on my latest labs please


From yesterday's blood draw (medichecks are quick) approx 24 hr after last dose.

On 1 grain NDT and 100 mcg levo. Been great on this dose all summer but had hypo symptoms lately, inc whacking on half stone, and raised by 1/3 grain three days ago. Might try to get that to a quarter.

Medicheck GP comments that I need to lower my dose because of the high TSH, and if this trend (see results) continues in the next test, ask for a bone scan because low TSH is associated with osteoporosis. I know a bit but it all flies out the window when I get the 'official' report on my own labs.

Fang you...x


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Medichecks is wrong about osteo with a low or suppressed TSH. Mind you that's what most Endocrinologist appear to believe and some as well believe we'll have heart attacks.Your FT3 could be a little higher.

A low TSH is meaningless if you feel fine. This is a link by one of ThyroidUK Trustees/Adviser.

People who have thyroid cancer have to have a suppressed TSH.

helbell in reply to shaws

Thanks for the prompt and reassuring response, Shaws. And for that great article. The best explanation I've read.

shawsAdministrator in reply to helbell

They frighten the life out of us by saying we will get osteo or heart problems, instead they let us feel awful as they only take notice of the TSH and not our symptoms. It just doesn't make sense.

helbell in reply to shaws

Agree. And convenient in so many ways, and not just hypo t, to follow the range rule. Any sticking out of necks is reserved for the compassionate and dedicated.

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