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Added latest labs STILL BEING MEDICATED FOR HYPERTHYROID?! Am I crazy, I'm hypo?

LATEST (fri 28th feb)

T4 7 pmol/l

TSH 7.3 mlU/L

I've stopped taking my carbimizole but I was taking 2.5mg a day on fri when these were done. As you can see my TSH has gone from undetectable 0.05 to 7.3 nod I'm on the same dose of carb! Seeing dr tomoz what should I say? Haven't heard from endo since first labs x

These were my last results (nov). my tsh has been 0.05 while on carbimizole for 15 months with no change.

TSH <0.05mIU/L RANGE 0.4-5.0 FREE T4 12pmol/L 9-19 FREE T3 6.1 pmol/L 2.6-5.7

Latest (jan)

TSH 0.3

T4 8

T3 4.5

Am I hypo now?

Please tell me my tsh rising means my antibodies are going? I've been taking supplements, yoga & a grain free diet in the months between these results x

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Could anyone explain to me also so I can understand myself what I should be Hoping to happen with my t4, should it start to rise now? X


Hi Wiggy, it appears that your high numbers are coming down. Are you reducing the carbimazole? My son did go into remission after a couple of years so looking at your FT3 number, it may be going too low so what was the plan. I don't see any antibodies. Did you test TPO? Here's what STTM says about Graves:

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He'd put the carbimizole up between those tests and I've not had the letter yet on these new ones. His secretery said to call next week for my antibody results. (My endo I mean by his). I'm so hoping it is. Seeing my tsh finally move I hope it's agood thing :) going to read tha t now. Thank you xx


Hi there,

I am in the same position as you. The endo nurse called and said very excitedly that my tsh is moving up. So yes it's a food thing. She said its moving in the right direction and working towards starting to do its job again. Hope this helps. Don't think it means remission yet though but hopefully we are on our way there. Moving in the right direction


# good not food lol


Brilliant I'm glad yours is moving too. I was told on another site that it could be false because my t4 is low but that's been low for over a year on and off and my TSH stayed 0.05 so I'm taking this as a good thing wooo ;) haha. Feels a million miles away from remission but a bit closer. My endo won't see me till April to explain this to me. Sigh.


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