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Feedback on blood test results please

I have been on 55mcgs T3 for a year & been taking 55mcgs for many months.These results are for an early morning fasting blood test.Previous T3 dose was more than 24 hours before.I can see I am taking too much T3 & am in danger of AF.

Please advise on best way to lower dose & give feedback on all results.GP refused to do a D3 test.told me everyone should take one a day!

FT3:serum free T3 level 6.4 pmol/L (3.80-6.00 pmil/L)

TSH 0.026 mU/L (0.34-5.60 mU/L)

Serum free T4 <3.5 pmol/L (8.00-18.00 pmol/L

Serum vitB12 655 ng/L (>140.00ng/L

Serum iron level 16 umol/ (5.00-30.00umol/L

Serum TIBC 59umol/L (28.00-54.00 umol/L

Iron saturation 27% (0.00-45.00%

Thank you!

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How do you feel? Good, normal, overstimulated or - ?

On t3 it is hard to say by testing if you're actually overmedicated. I am on a moderate amount of meds but often look like my t3 is high even after 24hrs w no t3 dose. If you're on too much t3 it can only be a fraction too much. More info here:

What is your gut activity like? Heart rate and temp?

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I have had over a year on T3 feeling very much improved after 18 years of declining physical & mental health on T4 monotherapy.

I have found my temperature won't raise above 35.2 & accept the explanation that STTM give,that this is due to long-term T4 monotherapy.

I find my resting pulse rate is good,if I don't go above 55mcgs.BP good.

Unfortunately,I seem to have messed things up with 2 trials of adding some Thai NDT to a reduced dose of T3(to get some T4)both lasting a few weeks.The ectopic beats & episodes of tachycardia resolved quickly,but I am still experiencing anxiety & depression.I wonder if I have triggered cortisol issues & whether I would benefit from some progesterone cream,if I could get over the oestrogen re-bound problem.

I am trying Holy Basil & Ashwaghanda at the moment,but also take 2,000 Ester-C from Healthspan(non-acidic)

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The most important thing when on any thyroid hormones is 'how do you feel'. If fine we're on the correct dose. If we think 'I could feel a bit better' an increase in dose is warranted.

When on T3 only (or NDT), the blood tests cannot correlate as they are for levothyroxine alone and introduced at the same time.

Our T3 will be higher as we are taking T3, T4 will be lower as we aren't taking it. I will give you a link on how one doctor (who'd never prescribe levo) treated his patients.


Hi Shaws,I have been feeling really much improved until the autumn(see above)I have always been reassured by the wonderful JC Lowe,but recently I have seen references on here to the dangers of AF if T3 is above the range.


I had awful palpitations and more unwell quite often with pulse of 140+ before and when on levo. Forever in and out of A&E even when I was abroad. Even from work.

Since being on T3 everything calmed down. I don't care what my blood tests state as I go by how I feel. AF is seriously overblown stated by Dr.L. Those who state that levothyroxine is the only product to be prescribed and denigrate T3 are responsible for scare stories.

Any thyroid hormones can be dangerous if we take too much but I would think if that was the case we'd only overdose once and immediately drop dose to the previous one.

I hope you continue to improve on T3 as 'my own opinon' is it is miraculous. That's not to say that sometimes, if anything changes within it by the manufacturers it could cause symptoms.

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Tbh if I remember correctly even the risk of af is minor. Aargh, of course I can't find the study. Give me a mo.

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Ok here it is but I believe the patients they studied had a median tsh of 1.07 so one wonders what the quality of treatment was like:

In any case, in these particular patients they found no higher incidence of af in those taking liothyronine only.


thanks for these

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