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T3 dosage

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Hi my first post hope it's not too long, need some advice.

I’ve not been feeling very good for about 18 months but getting worse lately,to be honest originally I thought I might have MS but think that's unlikely as I'm 64. After checking my symptoms on the net I came across Dr Barnes book, and most of the symptoms I have.My morning pulse was 52 and temp 35.8c. I visited the Doctors and as it happened I had had a general check up with a TSH check in it. When I told him I thought I had a thyroid problem, he told me I had not as my TSH was 2.9. He sorted a blood test out and ESG which came back ok. I decided to get a check myself at Bluehorizon results;

TSH3.28(0.27/4.2) free T4 15.4 (12/22) free T3 4.3 (3.1/6.8) TPAB 16.7 (0/34) Thyglobin <10 Blood test doctors B12 879 (200/900) D3 87.7 (100/150) serum iron 16.0 (10/31)

I would have discussed these results with him but he didn't seem interested even had trouble getting my blood results after an argument with him I got them after paying £10.

Rightly or wrongly i decided to self medicate, as it was easier for me to get T3 (Tiromel)

I used that. I started on 12mg building up to 100mg over 5 weeks,I checked my pulse, blood pressure and temperatures each day. I was worried about being on such an high dose so started reducing, I was don to 62.5 mg. Last Saturday night didn't feel well so checked BP which was way up at about 160/85 this worried me so I had 24 hours with no T3,started back on 25mg Monday. My my waking pulse and temperatures have gone back down. Is it best to switch to NDT as I have some now or try bringing my T3 dose gradually back up and see how my BP is. The trouble with self medicating obviously I can't discuss this with my Doctor. Will get another Bluehorizon check soon. sorry the post was so long thanks.

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Hello Terry,

I’m confused about your post. Did you start on 12mCg of T3 or T4 and built up to 100mcg over 5 weeks?

On who’s instruction did you increase it to that?

Then did you add 25mcg of T3 when you started - on its own or to your T4?

Welcome to the forum, TerryN13.

While a small dose, 6.25mcg - 12.5mcg T3, may have been helpful 100mcg is an enormous dose and will have massively overmedicated you. Then you reduced to 6.25mcg and back up to 25mcg. This is not the way to take thyroid hormone. Yo-yo dosing will make you ill. T3 is not a quick fix and needs to be absorbed and metabolised over a few weeks to improve thyroid symptoms.

I would stick with no more than 12.5mcg for 6-8 weeks and retest thyroid levels before increasing further.

If you prefer to switch to NDT I suggest you start with half a grain and check thyroid levels in 6-8 weeks before increasing further.

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TerryN13 in reply to Clutter

Thanks for the advice, I'm taking 25mg T3 split into 4 doses, I did not want to go too low from what I had been on in case I had a bad reaction, i would be happy to be on as little as possible. I don't know if it's best to stay on 25mg for a few days then go to 12.5mg, thanks again much appreciated.

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Clutter in reply to TerryN13


Why would it be best to stay on a high dose which may be overmedicating you for a few days before reducing?

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TerryN13 in reply to Clutter

I will take 12.5mg T3 today and stay on that for 6 to 8 weeks as you suggest and get my free T3 etc checked again thanks.

Splitting the dose into 4 is a good plan. Not sure why you didn't try T4 first though.

I imagine (like so many other people) the issue you have is lower cortisol mixed with the lower thyroid. Your results are not terrible, but they can be improved.

Why don't you try taking your first T3 dose of 6.25mcg at 4am in the morning. This will mean setting the alarm clock. By taking it at this time you will be artificially doing what the body tries to do itself. That is produce thyroid in the first part of the night and this then has a knock on effect of making a good amount of cortisol. It is called the early morning T3 dosing routine and has been discovered by Paul Robinson. He has a book out talking about how you get T3 to work for yourself.

Many people are finding the cortisol boost is amazing on its own and this has a knock on effect of requiring LESS thyroid meds. Paul has proper data from urine analysis which shows his cortisol has improved by 300% using this simple method.

I myself worked out that taking my T4 at bedtime was MUCH better for me than taking it in the morning. It ties in with what Paul has advocated. It is dead easy to try and real and error is the only way to work out what will be good for you. He also says a normal replacement T3 dose per day for people is 40-80mcg T3 and it is best spread over 4 doses.

I started on 12mg building up to 100mg over 5 weeks...You have increased way too fast. Few need that much T3. It's no wonder you're feeling dreadful and if you had a blood test now, your results would likely show significant overmedication.

Things you need for sure include patience and the time to look through a myriad of information on what you're considering. I would suggest that without vitamin and mineral tests it's difficult to know if you have a problem with your thyroid at all. Don't start or stop thyroid medication suddenly; it needs to be done gradually.

In any event, this may show why things have gone awry. thyrophoenix.com/adjusting_...

I understand you're feeling ill; at the moment you're not helping yourself

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TerryN13 in reply to Rapunzel

OK thanks will do thanks for the information.

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