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Thyroid and Cortisol results interpretation

Hi there

My wife has been on an investigative process as to what is wrong with her health.

Step 1: Thyroid investigation: she had low-normal T3, normal T4 and highish TSH at 4.5 Doctor prescribed T3 to see if it would alleviate symptoms and assist in weight loss

Step 2: Cortsiol test: Because of insomnia and severe fatigued during the day he also prescribed a 4 part saliva cortisol test. Results below:

Wake up 8am

1st sample at 9am: 4.75 (2.68-9.3)

2nd sample at 12pm: 46.19 (0.75-2.53)

3rd sample at 5pm: 6.54 (0.36-1.88)

4th sample at 10pm: 12.28 (less than 0.94)

Does anyone here have good knowledge of interpreting cortisol results? Her results came back and are seriously elevated which may indicate Cushing’s Syndrome.

NB: she has not taken any steroid medication for years.

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


I think this is such a rare issue it doesn’t really affect anyone on here. Almost always it is the other way around with extremely low cortisol levels with hypothyroidism so it may not help trying to source help from this forum?



It's not rare, as far as I'm aware. You could type "High cortisol" into the Search Thyroid UK box to see for yourself.


Ok thanks will do. I meant rare in that it’s very rare for someone to have Cushing’s syndrome. Thyroid disorders which are clearly more common have a lot more material and forums than those for Cushing’s/adrenal disorders.



Cushings is rare. I don't think 3 of 4 high cortisol levels confims Cushings though.


Yes we are investigating it as a possible cause. Often need multiple tests to confirm as it is so difficult to do so even for experienced endos.


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