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help with cortisol blood results

hello my 18 month old little girl had her cortisol stim test when she was 12 month old because she was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and nystagmus these test needed to be done. when she had the stim test it was after 12 noon and the endo told me he had her at a 9 now at 18 months old he done a random cortisol test again between 11 and 12 oclock and the results i have are 249? now i dont understand where the previous 9 came from on her test and if this is normal he told me its normal but each test has never been done in the morning i would love some feed back is this a normal result of an 18 month old at dinner time ?

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Hi Kirstyd123

I am very sorry your baby has a problem and I cannot help you and hopefully someone will be able to in the forum. This is a link which might be helpful:

I do know that Vitamin C can reduce cortisol levels.



I welcome you to our forum and am sorry to hear of your little girls health issues.

The stim test was conducted to assess your baby's adrenal gland function in response to ACTH (or other). ACTH is the hormone produced in the pituitary gland that stimulates the adrenal glands to release cortisol (& other).

As a blood serum cortisol test is assessing how much the adrenals can produce, it is usually carried out around 9am, when cortisol secretion should be at its highest, decreasing throughout the day. Blood drawn later in the day may show a lower result but as long as endo takes this into consideration, it shouldn't be a problem.

I have no experience or knowledge of babies//childrens adrenal health and didn't know what " optic nerve hypoplasia ' was, but after googling it, I read that abnormal levels of serum cortisol and growth hormone help to confirm the diagnosis.

I wish you and your little girl well.


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There is an alternative point of view that says that few endo's know how to interpret this test and that it is rarely carried out correctly as both blood cortisol and the other test need to be done first thing in the morning as the comparison figures are based on this time of day. Can you access your daughters records which should have the ranges for her tests. That might make it clearer to you.

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hello thanks for the reply i have her results but i dont understand them ? i know that you are ment to have the blood taken in the morning which she never has 1 parent i spoke to said her doctor wanted her child at an 8 in the morning our doctor had our little girl at a 9 in the after noon when i think its ment to double then drop at the end of the day correct me if im wrong there i have so much different imformation stored in my brain since her having this diagnosis she has also low growth hormone dont know the blood results for that just that she low and she was boarderline high calcium ? now when ive questioned him on what ranges there being tested on his reply was good question! so now im trying to find the ranges for children of that age .


sorry decreasing through the day


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