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Hi All,

I had an appointment today with the doc who helps me with my thyroid. This is only my second appointment. He writes the scrips I need (so far. Though I'm still on a very low dose still), and orders the proper labs, BUT today I asked for an IRON IV infusion. He said it'd be very difficult to find a hematologist willing to do it, and he isn't sure whether that will make things worse because iron feeds Epstein Barr Virus. I have never heard of this.

While he agreed with me that it may very well help me feel better and better convert, and I have been low Ferritin for decades, have stage 3 endometriosis, high testosterone and low progesterone, he wasn't sure whether the infusion, if I can get it, will make things worse.

Have you heard this? I have an appointment time t with an ob/gym on the 20th. I will ask her to infuse the iron. I'm not improving on high doses of good iron supplements, I've been low ferritin for decades, and I believe it is inhibiting my conversion/full ability to use the NDT.

What say you??

Thank you so much for your time.


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Hmm. I suspect he's misunderstood something somewhere down the line. I think Epstein Barr can cause high ferritin levels because generally speaking, inflammatory processes elevate ferritin. But your ferritin is low. Raising it via an infusion isn't going to magically increase Epstein Barr symptoms, I don't think.


Thank you Jazzw. I don't know anything about about Epstein Barr.

He did show me, on my lab results, where I have elevated EBV Antigen AB, IgG 29.7(0.0 - 8.9); Elevated EBV Ab VCA IgG of 311.0 (0.0 - 17.9).

He noted that he thinks the best course if action for me would he to work on my adrenals. He gave me some adrenal supplements to get.

I'm still going to ask my obgyn for the infusion. I have never visited her, but have a consultation appointment on the 20th. I will present all the low iron symptoms and go from there.

She may very well say no to the iron infusion (im at 15(15-150), so, I'm still asking. If she says no, I will the use supplements, though the constitution even with vitamin c and magnesium, is really painful. I've been low in ferritin since my teen years and I think it will help my conversion and many symptoms. I just can't get my doc off the Epstein Barr kick. I think my high EBV labs charged his theory even more, BUT I wasn't fasting on that draw, so I think that set of labs should be redone anyway.

Ughhhh. I just want some iron infused.

Anyway, thank you so much for your kind reply. I appreciate it very much.


Hi TappedOut,

I'm in a similar situation, I've got all the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. I've paid private to see a specialist and have bloods taken, it showed I was low on all vitamins, iron, vitamin D etc, I also tested positive for Epstein Barr virus.

I had no idea what it was, and when I googled it I was horrified what it's associated with, but on NHS website it takes you to Glandula fever website.

It's only since doing research on here and after a posting I did this afternoon that's it's related to Thyroid and in particular Hashimoto.

Anyway I'm on a anti virus tablet, high dose of vitamin D, liquid iron and B12 and vitamin C. I felt fine for a few days but my symptoms are getting worse.

Every time I go for a blood test he not requesting further in dept thyroid tests, but just vitamin, FBC, and TSH, which I'm finding frustrating.

I'm seeing him soon, so I've got a list of questions to ask him, but I'm losing faith at the minute.

Best wishes

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Hi Peanut31. Thank you so much for replying. Your reply made me feel so badly. Listen, you "listening"?? Everything is going to be ok. I know I'm a complete stranger, but please believe this. It's a process. This is in my opinion, the best BEST thyroid forum! The people here are kind, diplomatic, well learned and truly helpful and credible. The administrators are simply spectacular....I used to get emotional just reading their replies! So many, so nice, helpful and suportive. So you're in the right place. Trust.

Regarding your journey, I'm not in the UK, but from what I've read on this forum, it seems most people, new to the forum, are instructed to get their labs done privately (bloods as you say), and post results for further assistance. You may need to post which lab company, or search for the lab company, as I can't recall the name I e heard so many reference. I think it's blue horizon? Does that sound familiar? Create a post asking that info. They will talk you through it better than I can.

You are getting your minerals and vitamins checked, so that's good! Really. I know it feels horrible right now. I know. There are many symptoms and you may feel overwhelmed. Just make a list in a notebook, of questions, things you've read, tips you've read....and day by day, do a little, whatever you can.

The first thing, I'd suggest, will be getting your labs done. It sounds like you're in the U.K., so you may have to get your bloods done privately. You want to certainly get

FT3, FT4, TSH, TPOab, TgAB, vitD, folate, ferritin, and b12. This will give a better picture of what's going on Thyroid wise. Post those results, with the range in parenthesis.

How? Well, say your tsh is 2.3, and the lab you use has a TSH range of .45 - 4.5? Then you'd post that result like this:

TSH 2.3 (.45 - 4.5)

Title your post: Help with bloods please?

And within a short span of time members will off their advice and experience. From there, you can figure, with support and good advice, what meds and supplements to try and get.

It seems like a lot at first because there's much to learn, you're probably shocked about the symptoms and feeling unwell and not yourself, but you will improve. It is a process. I'm still learning too, but I'm better than I was months ago. I promise. Way better.

In the meantime, to calm your system overall, while you search for info and get bloods done, I suggest you take a good Magnesium Supplement. If you have a rushed feeling, palpitations, or an overwhelmed feeling, 400-600mg of Magnesium bisglycinate at night helps (read the directions so you can take the amount best for you, but 400-600 is what I take). It may cause bowel movement , so take at night. This will help calm those nerves and muscles.

Breathe. Don't get overwhelmed and caught up in the Epstein Barr and all the theories of what causes what. I only asked because I was interested, but to be honest, you have to look at your bloods, and treat according to your symptoms and use your bloods as a secondary guide. Once you have a better understanding of using those very symptoms as your guide, you will be better able to help yourself feel better.

It will get better. It won't be like this for always Peanut31. It won't. Breathe deeply, whenever you think to; take your time learning, and please know that you're not alone. Not at all....

I will private message you some time and check on you. Or feel free to message me. But get those labs I mentioned. Post to ask what lab is suggested. Then lost your results once you get them. Then we will go from there...

Please hang in there. It's worth it. Read, but not too much. Write down your questions and search for the answers on this website. Write notes in your notebook. Things will start to make sense, even the scary symptoms will start to make sense when you learn more about t4 and t3 and how the body uses these hormones and in our case, maybe doesn't use them as efficiently as we'd like. So you'll learn which ones you might need a little boost of.

Please, whatever you do, know that you will get better. It's a process. But each day you're moving toward improvement, even though it may not seem like it now.


Thank you so much for the advice, yes I'm based in the UK. I have now booked for a private blood test as per your advice. Once I get the results I will post them on here.

Best Wishes

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Tapped out mentions private blood tests .Two companies are Blue Horizon and Medichecks .The latter has offers on a Thursday. You can do finger tip blood extraction at home or by a nurse at a private hospital or in some cases a nurse visiting your home .

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Booked bloods with Medichecks, thanks for the advice.

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I also said can be deals on a Thursday! Hope you have not lost out.




Prudent to check haemochromstosis.

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Yes! Thank you so much moutneadvendturer. Do you know if that's a blood lab itself, or is it attainable by looking at the full iron panel (serum, saturation, TIBC, UIBC, ferritin)? I've heard of that, just not sure how it's tested?


I don't know TappedOut - perhaps some one else can give us guidance? I just know that it's on my horizon to do especially with Celtic genes.

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Hi Mourneadventurer! Went to a new obgyn today. She ordered lab work for haemochromstosis as part of a Hemoglobinopathy Fractionation profile. I just wanted to let you know bc you were so kind to share that test with me....thank you.


Hi TappedOut, really pleased that you're making head way and have a supportive obgyn. Do keep an eye on the T3/reverse T3 ratio and CRP as these let you know what happening inflammation wise and you can then start eliminating possible triggers. Dr Isabella Wenz's books are a good place to start for guidance.

Best Wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!


I don't know about all viruses, but cancer cells and many parasites use iron to grow - which is why remedies like artemisinin work for malaria (by rupturing iron-rich cells)


Hey AngeloftheNorth! Thank you so much for replying.

Ohhhh yeahhhh. I sure did read that before. I'd forgotten about that, that iron feeds certain cancers and parasites...ugh. You need A for B, but A causes C....so much.

Good point! I'd totally forgotten that aspect of high dosed iron.

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