Has anybody had an iron infusion?

Hello all, I went to a very helpful and patient endocrinologist yesterday as recommended by the lovely ladies here. It was a private appointment. I am hypothyroid and I have antibodies around the 200 mark. One of the main issues I have is fatigue and I struggle to increase my ferritin levels as I cannot tolerate iron supplements. Even spatone makes me very hot and unable to sleep at night. I've also tried ferrous fumarate from the GP. My current levels are 19ug/l and the range is 11-336. My GP refused to give me an iron injection.

The consultant first said that my iron needs to be addressed and has quoted £900 for an iron infusion and says iron injections are not given anymore. I'm sure my Dad had one about a 18 months ago through his GP. Apparently, the infusion requires a doctor onsite as it can be dangerous and I may need 3 to get my levels up. My insurance won't cover this either. There's no way I can afford this amount.

Have iron injections really been replaced by infusions? Can anybody let me know where I can have this done for less? I'm in London.


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  • I can't answer your question but I can link you to this page :


    It is from the BNF - British National Formulary - and tells you about iron injections and/or infusions used by the NHS and how much they cost. The BNF isn't always up-to-date with price, but it will give you an idea. Read all the Sub-Sections and click on the product names to get all the information available.

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