I'm new on here, please help with my results

I have been to the doctors for 10 years complaining of the same symptoms but keep being told I am depressed and put on anti-depressants. I keep asking if I have an under active thyroid as my dad and his side of the family are all under active, but I keep being told no its not hereditary. However February this year I saw a new doctor and I was diagnosed with PA with Vit B deficiency. This June I saw a another training doctor and explained all my symptoms and he who suggested I maybe underactive and organised the tests but I would have to wait another 3 months to be tested again if it proved positive. After 3 weeks I went back again and see another new doctor who read out the below results and put me on 25mcg of levothyroxine and then tested me for my antibodies. Today I went back as I said my symptoms improved slightly for about two weeks and now I am back to how I was. I was told I do not have an underactive thyroid and its depression. Having more bloods taken tomorrow and was told if my results are the same I am being taken off levothyroxine altogether. I have asked for T3 to be tested as I have fatty liver disease(gallbladder removed) with 3 stone weight gain, and I wanted to check if my T4 was converting, again told no, this test is only done on cancer patients. These are the only results she printed out.

Se thyroid peroxidase Ab conc - 17.2 iu/ml range 0.00 - 35.00

Serum folate 3.2 ug/l no range given

Serum TSH 4.15 mlU/L range 0.30 - 3.94 (test said tell patient normal)

Serum T4 13.6 pmol/L range 12.30 - 20.20pmol/L

Serum B12 771 ng/L range 197.00 - 771.00 ng/L

Serum ferritin 24 ug/L range 13.00 - 150.00ug/L

I have B12 jabs every 12 weeks, by 11 weeks I am ready for my next jab but the doctors refuse to give it until exactly 12 weeks. I take Vit D supplements and folic acid tablets(with dinner). I am so fed up feeling unwell and wanting to sleep all the time. I used to go to the gym 4 times a week and felt exhausted during the classes and yawned the whole way through. My weight gain keeps being put down to menopause and age, yet even with a healthy diet and exercise i do not lose a single pound. I try not to eat gluten where ever possible. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Doctors know nothing about hypothyroidism or anything connected with the thyroid gland. We have to read, learn, and ask questions in order to recover our health.


    Blood tests have to be at the very earliest. The reason being the TSH is at its highest early a.m. and doctors appear to only look at that number and in the UK, the worst in the world for diagnosing as doctors have been told not to prescribe until the TSH reaches 10, whilst in other countries we'd be prescribed in TSH reaches 2.

    Your TSH is above the top of the range so you are not 'normal' as you have clinical symptoms. Your T4 is at the bottom of the range, so you cannot convert to sufficient T3. T4 is inactive. T3 is the only active hormone and it is needed in all of our receptor cells for us to feel better and have relief of symptoms.

    Ideally doctors should test Free T4 and Free T3 but rarely are these done. You could have them privately from one of our recommended labs.

    Someone will respond re your low ferritin level.

  • Thank you, if I have the tests privately will my doctor prescribe the correct medication if needed?

  • There's no guarantee that he would but you can source your own. We don't post information of where to source on the open forum but some members will give you information if they themselves source it.

  • Tick off your symptoms in the link below:


  • P.S. Unexplained weight gain is one of the commonest symptoms members complain of. If you exercise at present whilst not on sufficient thyroid hormones, you reduce what little T3 you have in your body. So I'd wait till you are on an optimum of levothyroxine

  • Thank you, the weight has been one of my biggest issues. My BMi is listing me as Obese and doctors keep telling me to go WW or Slimming world, which i have done but still do not lose a single pound. Its really getting me down.

  • I'm so sorry. Most doctors know literally nothing about this. If untreated hypo, you wouldn't even lose weight on a strict ketogenic diet. I know this first hand!

    I recommend reading Barry Durrant Peatfield's book - and keep referring to it. It's available on Amazon: 'your thyroid and how to keep it healthy'

    Sadly, on this subject there is no choice but to self-educate. On the bright side, many are in the same boat so there's lots of knowledge out there.

  • PS i would advocate a strict grain free diet. This is no wheat, eye, barley, corn, millet etc. Grain proteins wreak havoc in the gut, leading to leaky gut and autoimmune disease, including impaired thyroid. This isn't just about gluten - there's a lot more to it such as out of control blood sugar and impaired mineral absorption from the phytates in grain. Have a look at wheatbellyblog.com and Dr Davis's book Wheat Belly Total Health.

  • Thank you for the advice. It's so hard knowing what to eat without having a reaction. Salads get a bit boring. I will definitely take a look at the link. Only been on levthyroxine 5 weeks and I've bloated and put on 8lbs. This site is amazing and I have learnt so much.

  • When grain free, you have a whole world of real food open to you. It's a change to the way we think about food, but a revelation. No hunger, no cravings, no gut issues, a settling of autoimmune disease and inflammation...the list goes on. Good luck! PM me if you decide to investigate - happy to help :)

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