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Blood test results - any thoughts?

Hypothyroid for last 10 years on 117mcg Levo and wondering if I need a little iron or is it ok? It's all in range but I'm wondering if a little low? Just feeling a bit tired but not too bad. Vitamin B12 and folate are optimal. Your thoughts appreciated.

Serum iron level 16 umol/L range 6 - 26 umol/L

Serum TIBC 58 umol/L range 41 - 75 umol/L

Transferrin saturation index 28 %

Serum ferritin 62 ug/L range 13 - 148 ug/L

Total white cell count 6.2 range 4 - 11

Red blood cell (RBC) count 4.8 range 3.8 - 5.8

Haemoglobin estimation 137 g/L range 110 - 160 g/L

Haematocrit 0.4 range 0.36 - .47

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) 83.8 fL range 76 - 100 fL

Mean corpusc. haemoglobin(MCH) 28.5 pg range 27 - 34 pg

Red blood cell distribut width 12.9 % range 11 - 16%

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SeasideSusie should weigh in here, but your ferritin is lower than the minimum 70 it needs to be to convert your dose. Any results for D? And are you supplementing with selenium as well? There are so many parts to the puzzle of course, but have you gone GF yet?


Thanks, Rusty, I don't have antibodies but as I'm at top of range last test for normal Hbc1a I've gone low carb high fat and feel a lot better for it. It means I'm gluten free naturally as cook fresh food from scratch and use nothing with additives. The only carbs are sweet potato, squashes and occasional small amount brown rice. I supplement selenium 100mg daily, not sure how much is best when no antibodies present. Vitamin B12 high so stopped supplementing until I retest. It just seems like iron stays a bit low so I'll supplement. Any recommendations on how much daily?

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I'll just refer to SeasideSuzies post on the topic - she states ferritin should be midway thru the range tho so you are close to optimal. Here's one of her replies

She also comments on Vit D in that post


Vit D is just sitting at 90 with daily supplementation along with K2. It could be a little higher, say 100 but that was end of winter test so will test again in a few months. I think it's OK?

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