desperate for advice..... had tick bite, tick removed at hospital....dropped on floor by nurse and lost.... no medication offered. developed many rashes on legs... given week of antibiotics from GP..... later symptoms very severe asked for blood tests... had two, showed no positive result but symptoms persist..... where can I get reputable test for lyme disease done,,,, need this sorting! PLEEEEEASE

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Go to the Lyme Uk group on FB and check out their info. They will talk you through the antibiotics that you should have and give info for your GP who can prescribe them. Record any symptoms and take photos as rashes are often wrongly diagnosed. If you catch it early and get the right dose of antibiotics for the correct length of time there is a good chance that you will not go on to develop chronic Lyme, so act fast and do your homework. Good luck!

Bit late for all that.... timescale over 5 years from initial bite. Had very severely marked legs from lots of spirea rashes. Unsure of timescale from supposed tick removal to rash as not knew what it was and was not given any info following removal of tick

I think there's a lab in Germany that tests for Lyme.


jacq1705 you've been given good advice by cwill. I would add that since informing NHS GPs that I'd been privately diagnosed with Lyme it was crystal clear that GP had told the GP Partners. GP Partners have, I strongly suspect, ordered GPs to discriminate by being obstructive, not referring to NHS consultants etc and basically leaving me even more ill.

Would suggest that you don't mention Lyme at any further dealing with NHS doctors as so many of them clearly believe it's a somatoform disorder.

Been over 5 years since tick bite, followed by severe rash..... many nasty symptoms along the way. No medication or advice given following tick removal at local hospital. Only months later when had severe rash was I given one weeks antibiotics. Have asked more than once for lyme testing.... bloods taken twice but returned supposedly negative result. I understand this usual as testing at local hospital is not geared up for such a test. Also false negatives seem regular!

Ok so have you been to Lyme Uk for advice? Do you have a thyroid issue?

No..... not know about them until just now! And unsure about thyroid issue... weight gained like crazy though!

jacq1705 you must make contact with LymeDiseaseUK to seek their guidance.

Thankyou. Will do. GP waste of time. Like beating head on brick wall.......

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