2 years un diagnosed

I had a thyroid scan august 2015 that came back normal, i have complained continuously to different doctor about symptoms who told me they were because i was suffering from grief!! i demanded a blood test 8 weeks ago to then be told i have under active thyroid when talking to a new doctor they told me my thyroid is virtually non existent from the scan in 2015 ! ! she has changed meds too 100mg as i was started on just 25mg 6 weeks ago.. she seems to know what she is doing as she has the condition and attends regular lectures on the matter...

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Hi Jesa, I'm glad you are getting treatment at last. It would still be a good idea to read as much as you can about your condition, these pages are a very good source of information, doctors do tend to get scared when your tsh drops below the reference range. If you know whats what it keeps them on their toes.

I don't think that increasing your levo by 75 mcg shows that she knows what she's doing. Agreed you should have been started on a higher dose, but increases are usually 25 mcg every six weeks. Going up to 100 in one go, like that, might be a bit much for you, be a bit stressful. If you start to feel unwell, lower the dose a bit, cut it in half, or something. And, be careful she doesn't do that again. :(

i started on 25mg , she said that was like taking fresh air ,, she upped to 100mg and im being tested in 6 weeks ,, i definitely feel better in myself

Well, I agree with her about the fresh air, but I still say that an increase of 75 mcg in one go is too much. Hormones should be started low and increased slowly - all hormones, not just levo, but things like sex hormones and HGH, cortisol, etc. And, with levo, that means starting at 50 mcg and increasing by 25 mcg every six weeks.

Blood tests in future for thyroid hormones have to be at the very earliest possible, fasting and allow a gap of 24 hours between your last dose and the test and take afterwards. Also the hormones you take in the morning should be swallowed with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating.

You may know all of this - but just in case you don't as it allows us not to have hormones adjusted unnecessarily.

As she's given you a higher dose, if your temp or pulse increase, reduce dose by 50mcg and when everything settles down increase by 25mcg each 6 weeks until you are on 100mcg again.

Thanks it say half an hour before food or caffeine on the box 🤔

It may say that but as we have hypo, our digestion is slower usually. Food and Coffee etc interferes with the uptake of levo.

You can put up a fresh post for clarification as we need our thyroid hormones to work effectively.

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