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Thyroid illness..........or maybe Lyme Disease?

John Caudwell's site,, has gone live.

Note this statement in the second paragraph:  "It can imitate dozens of other illnesses, including thyroid disease and mental illness, and typically causes severe exhaustion and chronic pain."

If you are still experiencing unexplained symptoms and are seeking answers then check out this site.  Help for Lyme Disease and other chronic infections from doctors and charities is extremely limited in the UK and thousands of patients are being undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed.

Contact me by PM if you want further information.  Jane x

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Thank you for posting this jane, shall be having a good read later.

Interested to know whether any privately diagnosed sufferers have been to their GP with their test results, if only to have their name added as a statistic to be included on a list.


Hi cinnamon,  I know of plenty of British people who have had or are having private treatment abroad (including my daughter) and who have provided information to their GP's which has been ignored.  No help from them at the moment I'm afraid, but they can't go on ignoring it for ever.  The people I am REALLY sorry to hear about are those who don't yet have their diagnosis and are steadily becoming more and more ill as medics and others do nothing.

Jane x


Hi, I can't seem to open the link. Is anyone else having the same problem or is it just my computer?


I can open it either  It says its  no longer available


Hi, You might want to try this one.  Sorry, I don't know what the other one froze.  Jane


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