Bizarre Visual Symptoms of Lyme Disease

I have some of these, but thought everybody else did. Don't know what to think, now.

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  • I have a few and have just been told I have the start of cataracts too. Really think it is all to do with the rubbish Levo !

  • Hmmm But I'm not on Levo anymore. Still, it could be hypo symptoms. Most things are!

  • Oh, goodness me, these look all too familiar...

  • Yes, but it doesn't say if they can also be symptoms of other things. Perhaps some googling is in order!

  • Lyme disease is uncommon and difficult to diagnose having other symptoms,this is new to me. If you do not go tramping through vegetatation where deer and other mammals pass you are not likely to catch Lyme disease.

  • Are you unaware there is an epidemic of Lyme? You can get ticks anywhere, not just where there are deer. I've found at least four ticks on my body over the years, and who knows how many more there where that I didn't see?

    It's a doctor mythe that Lyme is uncommon because they Don't know how to diagnose it. But yes, you're right, it is difficult to diagnose. Even so, many, many people are diagnosed with it. (Have you been reading STTM again??? lol)

  • Only had ticks on my clothes in the Welsh hills amongst tussock stuff being eaten by sheep. Not all ticks carry Lymes .Some places are well known for it e.g. New Forest.outside these hot spots most GP's have never seen it hence an acquaintance took a while to be diagnosed.

    Folk may have them passed from their dogs which have been sniffing amongst the grasses etc.

    You have reminded that I have not got to the end of the book,two detectives and one spy novel have intervened. Need diversion while await brain scan.

  • I got one of my ticks in Devon. And one in one place I lived in France. Can't remember the others. But as I said, you Don't always see them. Difficult to see on your back, or more secluded places! Besides, some of them are very, very small...

  • GG - the book by Dr Neil Nathan is a good one - Healing Is Possible - and covers Lyme well....

  • Thank you; I'll have to look out for it.

  • I think his book would resonate with you as he talks about the BIG SIX Health Imbalances....Adrenal Deficiencies - then Magnesium Deficiency - Thyroid and Iodine - Sex Hormone Imbalance - Food Allergies - Intestinal Dysbiosis. As a Functional Medical Doctor these are the things he looks at first - then the LITTLE SIX ....

    Blood sugar imbalances and Insulin Resistance - Heavy Metal Toxicity - Mould Related illnesses - Chronic Infections - Amino Acids and Neurotransmitter Imbalances - Methylation : A Key to understanding Chronic Illness....

    Thought the Magnesium would appeal - if nothing else :-)

  • lol No B12???

  • worries it will crop up somewhere when you have flown to California in Business Class clutching all your blood tests :-) If my premium Bond comes up I will be off ! - see you there :-)

  • Oh, Don't talk to me about premium bonds!!! I've had one since they first came out. Yes, I know, only one... But as I was only earning 6 quid a week, that one pound meant a lot to me. Well, in all that time, I've not had a sniff of a prize, not a whisker! And there are people on Facebook saying oh, another measily £25 again this month, not Worth having!!! Well, give it to me, then! I'll have it! Blooming cheek!

    Sorry, got carried away there. lol I'm always planning what I'd do if I won the jackpot. And I have many plans. But flying to California isn't one of them! I Don't want to go to the US. I'd starve to death! And I'm not that sick that a bit of cash couldn't make my remaining life happy and comfortable as I am. So, I'd spend it on a nice big house, in a nice area, with a chauffeur-cum-handyman. That would be my luxury. A nice Young man to drive me a round and do all the odd jobs - even cooking, why not! - and whom I could dress up in a nice uniform and make all my girlfriends jealous!!! Wouldn't that be nice? :D

  • Also why cant I get better by Dr Horowitz

  • Possibly, but when I worked for the Council a couple of decades ago, we used to put out Lyme warning notices in our newsletters to schools.

  • Hi Treepie

    Not so, I was bitten while working in my allotment.

  • Must have been overgrown!!! Did you get Lymes?

  • Yes Badly.

  • Very nasty and I believe often flu like with many pains so difficult to diagnose unless living where it is common.

    Deer are a major cause of spreading the ticks and they are multiplying.

  • Hi Treepie

    I only wished that Gp's took it more serious knowing full well the after effect. I was fortunate to recognise the massive Bull's eye on my arm and was hospitalised. However, never followed up even though had a serious burring of vision and pain every where. Even now after 5 years my skin in some part of my body is very sensitive.

  • That was 'fortunate'! Because a lot of people Don't get the bull's eye. And a lot Don't even see the tick, so they have no idea. Didn't you get any kind of treatment?

  • Oh yes. Had to have IV antibiotics for two days. Erythema was very painful.

  • Only two days? That doesn't sound very long. I had 7 days IV antibiotics for the infection I picked up (I swear through and insect bite but doctors laughed at me!) And then tablets after that.

    It worked, except that I now have very sore feet.

  • Sorry to hear about your feet. But why are they sore?

  • Who knows! I've thought of several explanations and tried things : B12, magnesium, curcuma and resveratrol... They are a bit better than they were, but not like they were before the infection.

    On another forum, someone said that sounds like Bartonella, which is a coinfection of Lyme. Hence the curcuma and resveratrol, which, it was said, would kill a horse - should you happen to be infected with a horse...

  • Well i thought that comes from pets such as cats. Do you get blushing appearance on your face now and then?

  • Can come from any insect that bites : fleas, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes.

    To be honest, I rarely look in the Mirror - can't stand the sight of myself! But, occassionally, my face does feel hot.

  • Well we all feel like that some times.

    But, must make the best of what we have.

    Which in my case is not a lot!

  • Know what you mean! :)

  • I spent my whole childhood roaming around a hilly area of woods, bracken, heather etc. where sheep and deer grazed. I got bitten, scratched etc. so many times - I used to come home looking as if I'd been in a war! There were other factors in my childhood that may have played a part in the ill-health that developed during my teens, but I've wondered about Lyme ever since.

    Apparently the best available panel of tests in Europe is done by a German lab - the NHS uses only one test in the panel and it's suspected to produce a rather high rate of false negative results. Sorry to be vague, but I'm struggling to find the appropriate links I thought I had bookmarked. I'll be back here when I've found them, if no-one else does...

  • I'm sure you're right, but the chances of me getting tested here in France are zero - unless you can get them done yourself. Don't know how that works.

  • Well, I've found a relevant page on Dr Myhill's website:

    She links to this German lab:

    It all looks rather involved. Hope you find it useful. :)

  • Yes, very complicated! I shall have to look more closely when I have more time. Thank you for posting them. :)

  • Blue Horizon offer the Infectolab testing.

  • Didn't know that - could be useful. Thanks!

  • Igenix or Armin labs are the labs I have used

  • Well let me tell you something. Expensive test doesn't get done by the NHS allegedly.

  • ??? Allegedly? It's a fact!

  • Well We always like to give them benefit of the doubt.

  • lol You're more generous than I am!

  • Hi

    Not always. I have given almost 40 years of my youth to the NHS. Though I loved my pt's but don't have much to say about the new system.

  • I would put it another way : the various health systems I've been involved with, have robbed me of over 50 years of my life.

    As I said, I'm less generous than you. lol

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