T4 and blood results after 6 weeks

Finally managed to get my GP to prescribe Eltroxin. wanted to start me on 25mg but I persuaded him to start me on 50mg, he wanted me to stay on 50mg for 4 months but I decided to get bloods done after 6 weeks and to up the dose to 75mg at same time.

blood done on 3rd of August Medichecks - results as follows

TSH 0.554 (0.27 - 4.20)

FREE THYROXINE 18.4 (12.00 - 22.00)

T4 94.6 (59.00 - 154.00)

FREE T3 4.8 (3.10 - 6.80)



B12 628 (140 - 724.00)

FOLATE SERUM 16.37 (2).91 - 50.00

25 OH VIT D 89.3 (50.00 - 200.00)

CPR HIGH SENSITIVITY 2.1 (0.00 - 5.00

FERRITIN 63 (13.00 - 150.00)

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos last October but endocrinologist refused to treat as stated all bloods in range. Had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism eg, extreme fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains, low mood, weight gain etc. anyway my new GP willing to try me on Eltroxin but wanted me to stay on 50mg for at least 4 months before doing bloods, but I got the bloods done with Medicheck after 6 weeks.

First 2 weeks on T4 felt awful, very low mood, extreme irritability, sweating and then settled and felt slightly better than before starting - slight improvement in energy and mood, lost a tiny bit of weight. Then at week 5 seemed to stall and fatigue back the same as before starting T4, thats when I decided to up the dose after 6 weeks to 75 mg - on that one week tomorrow and feeling really bad again - not working today so spent the whole day in bed. I'm hoping this is just a settling in phase similar to when I initially started. Anyone else experienced this when increasing their dose??

I came off my Vit D as it was high 6 months ago when bloods done at hospital appointment, but think I should go back on them again now. Any advice re any of above much appreciated. Anna

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  • Were your antibodies much higher and above range last October or whenever you were diagnosed? It might be an idea to test Vit D again before restarting as it isn't water soluble and you can overdose. If you've managed to get out in the morning sun for 15 mins or so daily over the summer you might have stored some vitamin D so best to check first. It does take time to adjust to Levothyroxine and I feel sick anytime my dose is adjusted.

  • Thanks Nanaedake,

    in Oct my my Thyroglobulin was 179, three times higher than is is at present, so that's good news. TPA the same, no change. Thanks everyone for your support. Anna

  • I'm wondering whether it's something else that is elevating your Thyroglobulin levels rather than Hashimotos? Do you know if there are other conditions that can raise TgAb levels? It just seems unusual to me that the TPO has stayed the same but not having any medical knowledge, just experience of being hypothryoid, I don't know if it's really unusual or not.

    Have you had a full blood panel done?

  • Hi Nanaedake, had full bloods done at hospital about 6 months ago, (except for the full thyroid panel) which they won't if TSH in range. All bloods were good at that time.

    Thanks for your reply. Anna

  • Mercury is pointed out in the video below. Mercury comes from vaccinations and dental fillings.

  • Your a massive moron by going against your doctors advice. Another simpleton who thinks he/she knows what they're talking about thanks to the University Of Google as and talk forums......

    [ Edited by admin: Please see comment further down this thread in relation to this response. ]

  • Had you taken the time to research Anna and all her other posts on this forum you would soon understand that Dr Google has very little to do with it. So how did you find Thyroid UK ? - and how are you coping with your thyroid issue ?

  • Some people are driven to enquire about sourcing their own medication due to doctors' inability to understand anything about dysfunctions of the thyroid gland and know nothing about disabling symptoms.

    Your two words 'moron ad simpleton' shows also that you are also unaware of rules, i.e. when starting levothyroxine a blood test follows every six to eight weeks, usually with an increase until patient is free of clinical symptoms. Not stopped due to a blood test alone.

  • If you want to be unpleasant, try writing in grammatical English, so we can properly understand your rude comments. The correct way to write the first word of your sentence is "You're" not "Your".

    I hope Admins do not delete this and I am sorry if it upsets anyone else.

  • I sincerely hope you are not a doctor, 'DrC4550', with an attitude like that you do not deserve to be. Doctor or not, what a horrible thing to say to someone you do not even know. Shame on you.

  • Surely can't be a doctor as wouldn't pass English GCSE

  • I can see you have just joined the forum. That to me suggested that you aren't happy with your thyroid problem and want help or you are just trying to cause trouble.

    If you have joined because you need help and your GP isn't able to help you then please start a thread of your own and I'm sure you will get helpful suggestions from people who care enough about your problems and want to help you through most probably their own experiences.

  • DrC4550 did that make you feel better? Insults are not acceptable here. If you have an opinion express it politely.

  • Am sure someone will have reported the unpleasant post by now ..... 😊

  • Thanks Marz, I'm not concerned about that unpleasant post, Thanks to you all for your support. Anna

  • Anna - and the rest who have commented here,

    Many people have reported this comment. Many thanks for so doing.

    It is always difficult to decide how best to handle such comments. On the one hand the original poster might have been upset - but all too often that upset has occurred whatever we do. On the other hand the responder has created their own reputation - a reputation that would not seem to be very positive.

    The comments make quite clear the opinions of many here.

    In the end I have decided to leave it on display. And also have decided NOT to restrict the member. They could always come back and make clear that it was a huge mistake, and contravenes guidelines, and they will be on best behaviour from now.

  • And YOU'RE a pompous fool who evidently doesn't understand the struggles of people with hypothyroidism... take YOUR abusive trolling elsewhere, nobody's interested.

  • I've sat in many a doctors /endocrineologists surgery (not yours Doc!)and they've sat there TYPING IN GOOGLE and asking DOC GOOGLE and will barely look up from the computer screen! Are you having a bad day?...Looks like you have come here for trouble and not genuinely seeking help or wanting to give it!

  • Lol. I have been in consultation when Gp has used google to check dosage, interaction etc. Also to look up something he was unaware of and thank me for heads up. Sadly that gp is not my registered GP.

  • Haha ..same here...!or I've gone home with a script and checked the information inside and saw I shouldn't be taking it so rang gp to be told .."oh yes..don't take that..!"lol lol and more lol!

  • DrC4550 if I had followed my doctors advice to just gobble more antidepressants I'd be dead now. There is no merit in blindly following unhelpful advice especially when it comes from a doctor.I find it odd you are here abusing people if you have a thyroid problem - we like to support one another here not sling verbal mud like a hoodlum

  • There's still room to move up your dose if you need to, most other stuff looks quite good. Going back on the vitamin D might not be a bad thing - I think it's should be over 100 for you to feel the benefit. Perhaps you were on too high a dosage or dr suggested that you take it too frequently. When I had mine first checked it was rock bottom and I took 20000 iu weekly, it was just below 100 so I top up with daily supplements now. As for your question, when I very first took levo I had boundless energy - the sort where I felt that I just wanted to have a run. Unfortunately that dropped off and I've never had it since. I think it is normal for it to adversely affect you before it gets better, thyroid problems have a slow onset and and a slow recovery. I find it settles around the 3 month mark when I'm due to go back to my dr

  • Hi Hellybaybee, thanks for info on vitamin D and Levo. Was taking 5000 IU three times a week with MK7. Stopped when GP stated it was a little high. Will consider taking just once a week. Anna

  • Yeah, I would just reduce it as opposed to stop it and see how you go... good luck 😊

  • Your FT4 was quite near top of range on 50mcg

    Increasing the dose further may mean it's now above range & that may have increased your reverse T3. That can make you feel grim

    You could get RT3 checked at next test. Or reduce dose back to 50mcg or try smaller reduction of alternate 50/75

    Your antibodies are now well with in range.

  • Thanks for your advice SlowDragon, much appreciated. Anna

  • Well, you aren't converting very well. I think you need to reduce the levo a little, and add in some T3 - but I'm not a doctor - thank god! :)

  • Thanks Greygoose, excuse my ignorance but which result indicates that I may not be converting very well. Anna

  • The ratio of Ft4 to Ft3, FT4 64.00% through range and FT3 45.95%. You are aiming for 75% of range for both.

  • Thanks so much for your reply Angel-of-North and explaining about the optimum levels. 😊 Anna

  • I read recently, Anna, that it is not necessary to supplement Vit D on a daily basis, the body can use what it stores before replenishment needed. This time of year, yes most people probably get enough through natural outside light.

    I was only prescribed oral high dose D3 monthly in winter, when I lived abroad. Although I spend a lot of time indoors currently here in Uk, I self medicate OTC D3 with GP approval, 2/3 times week,y now, but not days after I've been out in Sun! Even if you work it shou,d be possible.e to get enough at lunch or break time if you go outdoors.

  • Annabhaird, am I right in thinking that these blood tests were taken after only a week on the current dose? Ideally you should leave 6 weeks go the dose to settle down, especially with T4 as it is quite slow acting. Or are these the old results from when you were on 50mcg? If these results are after only 1 week, disregard most of what has been said and retest after 6 weeks.

    If these are prior to your recent increase, you where right to do so. Both your freeT3 and freeT4 are just under halfway up the range, and ideally they are near the top.

    A conversion problem would be shown if the freeT4 was high - you are actually taking T4, so that would be expected, but the freeT3 was considerably lower - your body has to convert the T4 you take into T3, which is the active hormone your body needs. I'm not sure there is a disparity, as they are both at quite similar points in their ranges.

    If you have a blood test from before you started medication, you might compare the freeT3 in that and see if your number has been improved by the medication. Although I'm not sure even that tells you everything. When I have dose increases my freeT3 doesn't always increase in a straightforward way.

  • Hi Silver Avocado, bloods done exactly 6 weeks after starting on 50mgs of Eltroxin, then I increased next day to 75mgs as had begun to feel extremely fatigued again with low mood.

    In Oct when not taking any thyroid meds my TSH was 2.7 and my T3 was 4.8, so no change in it with the 50mgs. Anna

  • Sounds good. The results you have support your decision to increase.

    You also asked about feeling bad on new doses. Yes, this has definitely happened to me. I've been increasing ever 6 weeks for 20 months now, and some are easy, some are hard, sometimes really unexpected weird stuff happens. For example my previous increase I felt over medicated for a few weeks, but that went away. I'm very hopeful that means I'm getting close to a good dose for me.

  • Thanks so much SilverAvocado. That's really good to know re symptoms, really feel that I need the increase as still feel awful 99% of the time, though there is a tiny glimmer of light now at end of tunnel! Thanks for sharing and advice. Hope you find your ideal dose very soon. Anna😊

  • I went to the doctors back in 2006 sorry to say I couldn't get an appointment with my usual GP he was on holiday. I saw another who diagnosed me with IBS. He asked me if I wanted a printout. I said no as I did'nt have IBS. I have never had any of the symptoms of IBS.

    I actually had described to him the classic signs of gallbladder disease.

    I went back out to reception and booked an appointment with my usual doctor. He went on to diagnose me with a gallbladder problem, sent me to have a scan. I was then operated on 4 months later to remove it as it was fairly urgent.

    This GP back in the UK was the best that I have ever encountered. It's a pity there are not more like him in France.

  • Hi Anna, I applaud that you are taking an active interest in your treatment. You need good nutritional support when taking T4 (eltroxin) and your cofactors are a bit low and ferritin is important which may raise FT3 if you can increase that. I've been showing the videos from functional medicine practitioners so we get a better understanding of Hasimoto's. This one points out that high TH antibodies may be caused by mercury.

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