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Can someone help with T3 ?

This is my first post, although I've been looking at this site for a while now. Reading the posts on this site has made me feel much less alone with this horrible condition, and for that I thank you.

I've had Hashimotos for 8 to 9 years now, but the last two years have been very bad for me. I had to give up my job a few months ago because I just didn't have the energy to do it anymore (I was in tears with exhaustion). I've been living on my savings since then, but I really need to get back to work soon. I still have very little energy. I've tried to explain this to my GP, but he just doesn't respond.

I paid for a bh blood test

TSH 0.96 (0.27- 4.20)

Free T4 19.13 (12-22)

Free T3 4.71 (3.1-6.8)

I'm taking 125mcg levothyroxine. I've tried to take more, in case that helped, but my hands just started shaking.

I would like to try adding a little T3, but the doctor just said it wasn't necessary , when I asked. Could someone please pm me with details on how to get it myself ? I would be very gateful, and for any advice as well. Thank you.

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Are you taking any other meds that could be causing your fatigue ?

Low levels of B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD can also cause fatigue among other things. You need good levels for the thyroid hormones to work well in the body. Adding T3 is not always the solution if all the basics mentioned are not in place .... 😊


Thank you for replying Marz

I've been following some of the advice on this site about vitamins etc.

My last blood tests were

B12 427 (150.00-900) I'm working on increasing this with high strength vitamin.

Folate 21.00 (3.1-19.9)

D3 110.3 (50-150)

Ferritin 73 (12.0-280)

I'm not taking any other medications

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Looking good ! I am sure they will soon be optimal :-)

Have you considered an adrenal issue ?


Hi, Marz

I did a medichecks saliva cortisol test last month and two out of the four samples were too high (the early morning and the afternoon tests) and the bedtime one was just within the top of the range, so I'm working on trying not to get too stressed. I've been meditating every day for the last few weeks, in the hope that this might help, though I suppose it's too early to expect results.

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Adrenals love lots of VitC 😊 Also raised cortisol can indicate inflammation I have read - are you aware of any ? Cortisol also can block T3 receptors.

Stress on the body can be from within - like inflammation. I only know this as I was diagnosed with Crohns over 43 years ago at 27 - and my cortisol is slightly raised. Of course I have only recently learnt about such things .... never too late they say. 😊


If you have been reading here regularly, you will know that very many of us with Hashimoto's find it essential to be on a gluten free diet.

Have you tried this?

What are your most recent antibodies level?

Are you supplementing vitamin D? If so do you also add magnesium and vitamin K2

And B12? Do you take vitamin B complex too, to keep the B's in balance

Isabella Wentz website is good on looking for clues for other root causes such as gut infections (candida) glandular fever (EBV) etc

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When you tried to raise your dose how did you try to do it? FT3 is slightly lower in the range that the FT 4 but addressing other things could be improving that, but there could be room for raising. I'm just wondering if you did too much or would tolerate a little less say on alternate days or 2 or three days a week. Fine tuning can take time to do.


High cortisol could be product of gluten intolerance


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