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Graves Disease Remission - I had symptoms but now I don't?



I am currently in remission from Graves Disease - I am on 7 months now without any meds, whoop! In my last review back in April, my TSH was very low at 0.44, but my T3 and T4 were well within their normal ranges.

Back in March I started suffering terrible heart palpitations - they were constant so in my April my review I was prescribed Beta Blockers. Up until a month ago I was regularly taking the Beta Blockers.

In the past month however, I have not had a single heart palpitation...I am surprised about this (I am definitely not complaining though!) I just wonder why I suddenly feel ok after 5 months of not feeling too great? I was Vitamin D deficient but I have been getting out in the sun more - could this have contributed? Has anyone else experienced this?

I have my follow up review next week, so fingers crossed it's good new.

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I've had kind of similar. I had been in remission for over a year from graves when I felt I had some symptoms return albeit mildly. My pulse felt faster than normal and I felt a little on edge. I needed to take beta blockers for a few days which I hadn't needed since the beginning of treatment. Had a blood test which showed I was over range for t4 although not by much. I was referred back to endo but by the time of the next blood test before endo visit, my bloods indicated I was slightly underactive! Endo thought perhaps I had had thyroiditis. The next blood test showed bloods back within normal range!

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