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Please help, I don't know what to do

Hello, I'm a 22 year old mum to two (breastfeeding, the youngest is 16 months). Since November I've been experiencing heart palpitations and a fast pulse (140bpm). They are happening more and more often. I got rid of them completely by drinking enough water (I noticed they were mainly happening when I have a dry mouth). But 5 days ago the palps came back randomly! Happening every time I stood still or sat down or anything. A big thud. My pulse was also very fast. I went to a&e, had more tests, they said I'm fine and to take beta blockers. So I started them today, and so far my pulse is lower and no palps. I'm unsure on my thyroid result from last night other than 'it's fine', but my thyroid test from 4 months ago (had it tested due to the palps) is 1.24.

Help?! :(

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Edit*** I don't want to be taking medication! I want to solve this and be healthy again, and be happy! But I just couldn't cope with the pounding heart and the palps so I caved in to the beta blockers :(

I also have anxiety, and spotty skin.


i had the same and was really was hypertension caused by dehydration...came off diuretics and drinks lots more water whether i am thirsty or not lol...has not been back since


But I was drinking plenty when they randomly came back. I'm so angry with my body :(


Also, I seem to be showing signs of having POTS, it seems :(


Make an appointment to have a thorough check of your Thyroid Gland and ask the GP to do a full thyroid blood test. This will consist of TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3 and antibodies. (TSH isn't sufficient. Also ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

I had similar symptoms to you and not one of the medical profession thought to do a test of my thyroid gland. Also many women after giving birth can develop thyroid gland problems.

I had an overnight stay in the Cardiac Dept and discharged with 'probably viral with high cholesterol and I was very, very hypothyroid. Only found out a week later. My heart had been playing up for more than a year. This is an explanatory link and read Free T3 in particular.

Make the blood test as early as possible as the TSH is highest then. Usually if we take thyroid hormones we allow 24 hours before getting a blood test as it can skew results.


It could be as simple as taking magnesium supplement. I cured my two teenage girls from the same problem by giving them magnesium. One of the girls already had an appointment to the children's cardiologist, but the magnesium saved her this. Much better than taking beta blockers!!!

The best natural source of magnesium is by making a bone broth, which contains a rich mixture of valuable minerals. You can find 'how to do' at Google, but magnesium tablets can also do it.

I have a book 'The magnesium miracle' by Carolyn Dean MD ND, which is worth reading.

Good luck with your health! I'm happy to hear that you are breastfeeding. You give your child the best start in life 👍🏻

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Hi It may be thyroid, TSH, T4 and Free t3 tests, iron or ferritin or b12, blood tests. Also ask for a 24 hour heart monitor from the GP.

Best wishes,



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