Please can you look at my latest test

Worrying about not being able to get T3 thought I would test without for a while, so dropped T3 and used levothyroxine 75mcg for 6 weeks

Result. TSH. 2.79. 0.27-4.20 GPs did these

T4. 12 12-22

T3. 3.1. 3.10-6.80

Taking for 6 weeks Levo 100mcg

I got a Blue Horizen test

CRP 0.70

Ferritin 54.1 20-150

TSH 0.23 Same range as above

Total 4 100.9

FT4 20.23

FT3 3.40

Vit12. 632

Folate. 15.41. 8.83-60.8

I have restarted T3. 6.5mcg fromGreece. I can see that I need T3

I would be very grateful for any other comments.

I had stopped taking Gentle Iron as I know too much is bad, but again I see a I need to continue

B12 has dropped I have been taking b vits and 1000 mcg Solgar B12

Not sleeping , so hot . Constipated, aching, dry sore eyes, at night my mouth is stuck where it's so dry. Muddling words. I'll stop now!!

Thank you for all help you give. I am so glad of t his forum, I realise I'm no alone. Sadly !

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  • Looks like you don't convert T4 to T3 well but you know that.

    Do you have any results for vitamin D3 as that needs to be optimal.

    Ferritin, I believe needs to be around a minimum of 70.

    Other avenues to look at would be adrenal function and gut health. I would recommend the excellent book from Dr Peatfield which talks about the reasons why things can go wrong and what we can do to fix them:

  • Her conversion ratio is under 4:1 it's actually rather good

  • So good that the T4 levels are nearly at the top of the range and the T3 levels near the bottom

  • My mistake! I didn't see the second set of results. I thought the first set were levo alone 😓 I retract my statement

  • Even then I'm not convinced that blood tests results always show the true story. My last blood tests showed that my T3 levels were excellent but I still felt rubbish.

    A subsequent urine test revealed that there was little uptake. Back to the drawing board. This condition is so frustratingly complex - just when you think you're getting on top of things .....

  • Blood results definitely don't give a full picture. They can hint towards what approach to take, but like you said in the end clinical results are the most important. I totally get where your frustration is coming from, I'm in the same boat!

  • Have you had any tests for anti bodies? I had raised antibodies (TPO) 5 years after being diagnosed hypo. I was very ill until I started a gluten free diet which reduced the Ab's and I began to feel better.

  • Hey crimple, how long did it take on gluten free before you noticed a drop in antibodies? I ask because I've been at it for a year but in this time my antibodies doubled from 450 to now over 1000 (don't know the actual number since the lab's range ends at 1000).

  • Dang. I am totally confused now. The ratio you quote isn't what I am working on . Please details k your workings

  • I was completely wrong, I was basing what I said off the first set of results, I hadn't read your results properly. Since the second set of results are levo alone your conversion is definitely off. Sorry about that!

  • My workings are 5.95

  • 5.95:1

  • I've been worrying about that all day . I had TT for cancer so no thyroid

    All dang's other support will be useful re vitamins etc.

    Not sure what my Vit D is I will need a separate test for that.

    I'm sure Blue Horizen included Vit D last time , I was low then last year.

    Antibodies were never tested as the diagnosis of Abnormal cells in thyroid , pappilliary carcinoma was the first ever check I had .

    It was said by surgeon I didn't have symptoms, however I've certainly lost 'symptoms' so not something I will accept .

    If I had antibodies then but never discovered would that still effect my gut health, or if the thyroid is gone are the antibodies gone also

    Even if I had them. Only my son has positive antibodies !!

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