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Test results - can someone look over and advise please

Test results from November while on 150mg levo

Tsh - 0.03 (0.30-5.5)

Free t4 - 24 (12-22)

Free t3 - 4.9 (3.10-6.8)

On 175 mg since then and most recent test results -

Tsh - 0.01

Free t4 - 30

Free t3 - 5.6

Ranges are as above.

Now been reduced to 100mg for the next 6 weeks x

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hi - why was your medication changed up to 175 ? what symptoms did you have to warrant a change in meds ? Cause you are now on a WAY lower dose ... (Cause your T4 is very high)

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I was thinking the same. Why did they raise your meds when your t4 was already over range?


It was probably because I am still very symptomatic, hurt all the time, serious brain fog, have very bad sleeps etc


scottishkitty Your problem is poor conversion of T4 to T3. Good conversion takes place when FT4: FT3 ratio is 4:1 or less.

In November your ratio was 4.89 : 1 so too high.

Your increase in meds gave you a higher FT4 and although your FT3 increased it didn't increase very much (due to poor conversion) and your ratio increased to 5.35 : 1

You need your Levo reduced from 175mcg and the addition of T3. If you continue the way you are you are quite likely to end up with high reverse T3 (which very few doctors know anything about).

I am not medically qualified but I have been in exactly the same position as you are now with almost identical results.

ETA: Just seen you've had your Levo reduced to 100mcg.

Your Levo should not have been reduced by 75mcg in one fell swoop. Decreases should be gradual, like increases, and 25mcg at a time. Your FT4 will fall a fair bit but so will your FT3 and chances are that you will start to feel quite unwell. T3 is the important hormone, the one that every cell in our bodies need, so FT3 should be in the upper quarter of it's reference range.

Not only do doctors not know about reverse T3, they know very little about T4 to T3 conversion either. Some endos are willing to suggest adding T3 but it's becoming more and more difficult because of financial restraints within the NHS and the extortionate cost of T3. Youcould ask your GP for a referral to an endo. If he agrees, email for the list of thyroid friendly endos then ask on the forum for feedback. Members will have to reply by private message.


Thank you seaside susie, I've contacted a private endo as this is what I now believe to be the problem as well, just need a referral from my doctor. I already feel worse and just started my 6 weeks


Of "just wait and see" I got some t3 from abroad a few years ago but was too scared to use it without a docs supervision or correct dosage.


Can I ask, are you taking levo and t3 now?


Yes I am scottishkitty I self source T3, do my own tests and tweak doses as appropriate. My old GP kept increasing Levo because of continuing symptoms, I got up to 200mcg and FT4 of 30 and never felt any better. She retired and now I have a TSH obsessed GP who doesn't give a fig about symptoms or why you still have them, just wants TSH and FT4 in range. I ignore requests for testing at the surgery and look after my thyroid myself.

However, I did a lot of testing and found nutrient deficiencies plus a problem with adrenals and sex hormones so those have been addressed too.


Wow .... very inspiring and you are giving me hope 😁 did you have to arrange all your own tests? I must admit it all seems a bit of a minefield and my head struggles to take it all in (bloomin brain fog lol)


Yes, I do all my own thyroid testing, also did the adrenal/sex hormone testing. It cost a fair bit to start with but there was no way I was going to get any help from my GP. I just get basic thyroid tests now whilst I'm tweaking meds, occasionally add the vits and mins to make sure I stay at optimal levels.

ThyroidUK's info about private testing - The thyroid blood tests are quite reasonably priced and you can do a fingerprick test at home.

It takes a while for it all to sink in, keep reading and asking questions, you'll get there eventually.

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Thank you, you have been a brilliant help x


These can be symptoms of overmedication too.

Re a private endo, best to get the TUK endo list. Just because they're private doesn't mean they believe anything different to nhs endos.


Great, but use the little 'V' under the text to edit and take the doctor's name out. Best to keep names out of it. :-)

Glad you have someone in mind. Random endos rarely have a happy ending if this forum is anything to go by.


I'd say you're not converting T4 to T3 properly so like many of us you won't get proper treatment from the NHS

You need to lower T4 add T3 or switch to NDT

I'm not medical but have been where you are. I switched to NDT and I'm doing much better.

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