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Lab Results


I just received my thyroid tests and I would really apprciate your valuable comments as follows:



Anti ThyroPeroxidase Abs (TPO) (107.89)

Range < 5.61



Free T3 (Triiodothyronine) (5.30)

Range 3.1 - 6.8



Free T4 (Thyroxine) (16.02)

Range 12 - 22



TSH (0.587)

Range 0.27 - 4.2

It is worth mentioning that I'm currently on Levothyroxine 100. I take it on around bed time as I can't tolerate it first thing in the morning. I also take a thyroid support supplement called (THYRO BALANCE) made by Just In Health by Dr Justin Marchegiani, a famouse functional medicine on Youtube and I've been working with him since 5 months through Skype in which I paid A LOT ($ 3,000+) of money for appointments, tests, and dosens of supplements that did not help me feel better at all, and many of them I never used :/

I believe that these thyro balance has both of T3 and T4.

Finally, I would like to thank you guys in advance for your usual support and advise!

Best wishes,


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The main question when we take thyroid hormone replacements is 'How do we Feel'.

Your blood results look good so I am assuming your clinical symptoms have resolved.

I have read the following re Thyro=-Balance:-

Hormone free, Thyro-Balance enhances but does not suppress balanced thyroid activity.

So there are no 'hormones' in this product.

It's good you've had a positive experience. I notice how much you had to pay. Did he advise ' dosens of supplements that did not help me feel better at all, and many of them I never used '?

Many take thyroid hormones at bedtime and prefer this way but if you are having a blood test next morning, you should miss the night dose and take after a.m. test and at bedtime as usual.


Dear Sahws,

Thanks for your reply. unfortunatley, I still don't feel good:/ very fatiged, forgetful, depressed, hopless.

I have heard that T3 should be over 5 and T4 should be over 20 to feel optimal, which made me wonder if I'm converting T4 to T3 normally?

Although I was able to reduce my antibodies from over 500 to 100 by going gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts free for 2 months, which made me fee slightly better, however, all of the symptoms have worsened when I quit my diet.


I don't bother, really, too much about blood tests. If I'm well, I am on the right dose. The doctor I saw a couple of weeks ago remarked 'you've not had a blood test for ages'. I do get a B12 yearly as I've P.A.


Your conversion is perfectly fine, don't worry about that. You could just do with an increase in dose.

Why did you quit your diet, if it was making you feel better? Why don't you go back on it?


I quit because I travel a lot and I found it very challenging sticking to a strict diet like mine:/ given the fact that it was my first time going GF!

Right now i'm seriously thinking of going GF again soon. But I'm not really sure what exactly made me feel better bc I quit eating many things like dairy, nuts,..etc at the same time.


Ouch! Not a good idea to give up so many things at the same time. And, did you add them all back in at the same time?

There's two ways of doing it :

a) give up everything like gluten, dairy etc. for three months, then reintroduce these things one at a time to see how you feel.

b) try just going gluten-free for a while, and if that doesn't help, try eating it again, see how you feel. Then do the same with dairy, and so on.

It's all a big bother, I know. But, if you can find what's making you feel bad, thoroughly worth it! Gluten, dairy and nightshades are the main suspects. :)

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You should get a Free T4 and Free T3 blood test and I'll give you a link and you will see that it can give evidence of conversion to T3.


Great! Thanks for the very helpful link!


Well, that sounds like a bit of a con, then, doesn't it. There are lots of charlatans out there, preying on desperate people - and who more desperate than a badly treated thyroid patient?

Does Thyro Balance have a list of ingredients on the bottle? If not, throw it in the bin! You should take anything unless you know exactly what it is. It's probably just another multi-vit dressed up to look like it's good for your thyroid, because it has bits of gland tissue in it. There are so many of these around, and it's doubtful if they really help anything. Do have a good look and see what's in it. You don't want to go making yourself worse.

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Yes you are absolutly right!

The ingredients reads:

Zinc 10mg

Slelnium 26mcg

Copper .25mg

Propietary Blend:

Vegetable culture (containing 20mcg each superoxide dismutase and catalase), porcine glandular concentrate, rubidium (vegetable culture)


OK, well the zinc is good. The selenium isn't enough to do anything, and you really should have copper tested before taking any.

Zinc and copper should always be balanced, but the fact is that hypos are often low in zinc, and have high copper. So, whilst you probably need the zinc, it's doubtful you need more copper, because that will destroy the balance.

So, all in all, this is a bit of a waste of money. You'd be better off just buying zinc and taking it.

Better still, get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested. These all need to be optimal for you body to be able to use thyroid hormone. If you post the results on here - with the ranges - people will suggest what you should be taking. :)


Thank you very much for your valuable and useful comment!

I have done many expensive functional tests including DNA and GI MAP to address my root cause (Leaky gut). I was told that I have vitamin B deficiency and bacteria overgrowth H Pylory, and others. The doctor has given me supplements to kill the bacteria and get rid of the H pylory, however, I'm still hesitated to start taking them bc I feel overwhelmed with too many supplements. Also I was encourage by the doctor to take Pregnanelone and DHEA drops.


So, what are you doing about the B deficiency? Which B is deficient - all of them?

Did your doctor test for DHEA before telling your to take it?


Yes My DHEA was in the low range and I was told that it is within the range of 60 years old man:/

With regards to the Vit B, I remember B12 and folate but I did not take any as well:/

I'm sick and got frustrated:(


Yes, I understand. But B12 is a very, very important vitamin. And a low level will make you feel very ill. Can you remember what the result was?


Thyrobalance does not contain any hormones at all, just vitamins and minerals. But it does contain L'Tyrosine and seasweed (iodine) which are usually contraindicated with hashis (you have high antibodies so you have hashis). You thyroid hormone levels are fine, although there is room for a small increase if you still have symptoms. It looks as though you are a good converter.

What are your levels of B12, folate, D3 and ferritin?


Thank you for your good comment! You are right regarding the iodine, however i used to take 150 mg selenium to balance

I'm not sure as the lab test is not with me but will get back to u with exact figures


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