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Medication interactions

Hi all,

I'm getting into a muddle about taking my meds with what I can and can't take at the same time. Could anyone help and assist?? With food/without food / avoid certain foods etc I have also been told to take iron with vitamin c so I have a satsuma but 3 times a day - never have an empty stomach - arrrrgghhhhh it's a full time job fitting them all in xx

Ferrous fumerate - 1 three times a day*

Turmeric twice a day

Vitamin B complex one daily

Coconut oil one three times a day

Sertraline one daily*

Levithyroxine once a day 150mcg * I like to take at night

Co codamol 30/500 *I like to take once a day in the morning for stiffness and pain

*prescribed by GP

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Hi, Imoran. Sorry you've had no replies as yet. The only thing I can add - not recognising several of things you are taking - is to ensure that Iron is taken 4-6 hours away from Levo. But as you are taking it at night, I don't see that as a problem. Hope some others will have more info. for you.

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